7 Warning Signs of a Bad Company

In difficult times some of us are willing to take the first job that is offered to us hands down. We’re here to tell you to NOT do that without thoroughly vetting the company you are about to work for. An interview isn’t just for the company to get to know you it’s for you to get to know them.

Every company has its dynamics and culture and it is important to get a firm grasp of that company before you start there. A lot of people focus too hard on getting the job that they’re not focusing on the signals of a malfunctioning company. Here are some tips for sniffing out a malfunctioning company:

  1. Observe how the managers and employees interact. Ask questions about the nature of the job you’re interviewing for if there seems to be disagreement that may be a red flag. You are there to fill a need if no one there can agree on exactly what that need is that is an issue.
  2. Look for signs of stress or tenseness in your interview, no one wants to work in an overly stressed environment.
  3. An interview should flow at a good place if your interview is moving at a fast pace then suddenly loses its rhythm, which can be another sign of malfunction.
  4. Ask employees what they think the future of the company is, where their strategy is going if no one can provide a clear answer that is a problem.
  5. Look for positivity in the people working there. Are they interacting with one another? Are they joking around and having a good time? A healthy work dynamic is important to teamwork and cohesiveness.
  6. An important question to ask is “what metrics are important for this job?” if that answer is not clean and simple you have another problem. Company leadership should be clear on your goals.
  7. Most of all, listen to your intuition and the overall vibe you get from the company. You should be able to sense if something is awry within an organization through your gut feeling.

Building relationships with those you work with are very important. If you don’t think you will mesh well with this company, it may not be worth the time invested for you. In the long run, if the company doesn’t work out for you long term and you won’t be happy and successful there, it may be best to tell them no.

It’s hard to turn down a job offer especially when desperate times call for desperate measures and you may have to do what you must do. But if you can, do yourself a favor and wait it out if it doesn’t feel right. A fitting company is hard to come by and the relationships you develop working there will last a lifetime.

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