Eddie Mejia started as a dish washer in Chicago back in 1989. Having a new born on the way Eddie starting looking for extra income. Eddie's friend Harold was having issue with his cleaning crew at his office building. Seeing an opportunity Eddie took over the office building cleaning. The rest is history. Eddie built a cleaning empire in Chicago and retired and moved to Tampa, Florida. After a few years, Eddie wanted to continue helping people and returned out from retirement. Starting small like in Chicago, Eddie has been able to grow Mega Service Solutions to a leader in Florida in the past 5 years. At Mega we care about our customers and make sure that there workplaces are a great atmosphere from employees and clients.

Eduardo Mejia

Chief Executive Officer
Founder of Mega Service Solutions
30+ years in the janitorial and facility management space.

Eddy Mejia

Chief Technology Officer
MBA Candidate, Computer Engineer, Military Veteran

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