How to Build Trust on Social Media Part 1

Growing your business means engaging on social media. There are several conditions that can grow your engagement through social media, improving those numbers for a personal brand or a corporation is a key to successful social growth. Executing a strategy to grow followers through assessing metrics and implementing a paid campaign is a start, but the key to real growth of quality engagement is going above and beyond.

Every brand has to have an online presence if they want to be any kind of relevant and your typical internet user is sick of being advertised to by the usual means of email, pop-ups, and sidebar ads, the solution is to build trust through social media content.

Achieving a trusting social media following cannot be accomplished fast or easily, with these tips you can implement into your social media outreach, with consistency, you can begin to build honest relationships with your audience:

Communication is key: It takes a very long time to develop a true brand voice. Communicating trustworthy intent your audience must see you on a human level. Writing and documenting visual content from behind the scenes will show the human side of your brand. If you haven’t developed a brand voice yet now is the time. Put some thought into what you want to communicate through tone and topics then begin developing content. If all else fails it doesn’t hurt to ask for help, we happily give advice on brand voice and development to anyone seeking it.

Once you have developed your voice, you must be consistent with it. It is important that you and all of your employees follow this brand voice consistently. You can’t be somber one day and then perky and casual the next, your audience will lose trust and interest in your brand.

Original and Unique: As an example, let’s say you run a restaurant on a block where there are several restaurants. You want your bar to stand out so you adopt a style that appeals to a certain audience. Your social media content should reflect your style, coming up with unique and appealing ideas that your audience relates to and identifies with.

Respect and trust is earned by being a trendsetter. Post original and unique content and your audience will flock to these new and interesting relevant content pieces. Sharing other’s content is valuable as well, celebrating those that your brand identifies with sparingly will show “love” for your community and appreciation. Your audience will trust you all the more for showing you are knowledgeable in your field.

This is just part one of two to get you started with building trust with your audience through digital media. Social media is a long game so get started now if you already haven’t. Building brand equity will grow your business for the long term. Our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results drives our passion to help other businesses succeed. We look to influencers in all industries for inspiration and we hope we can bring some of that knowledge to your brain. Be sure to look for part 2 of this series.

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