How to Build Trust on Social Media Part 2

Growing your business means engaging on social media. There are several conditions that can grow your engagement through social media, improving those numbers for a personal brand or a corporation is a key to successful growth. Executing a strategy to grow followers through assessing metrics is a start, but the key to real growth of quality engagement is going above and beyond.

Every brand has an online presence if they want to be any kind of relevant and your typical internet user is done being advertised to by the usual means of email, pop-ups, and sidebar ads, the solution is to build trust through social media.

Achieving a trusting social media following cannot be accomplished fast or easily, with these tips you can implement into your social media outreach, with consistency, you can begin to build honest relationships with your audience:

To Get Engagement You Must Engage: Starting out can be difficult when you’re not getting a lot of comments or likes. Whether it is on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram you must be answering every comment and question possible. If you do so if not immediately but ASAP your audience will see this and understand that you care about their comment.

When responding to any comments do not have a copy and paste response. An auto-response looks bad and reflects poorly on your ability to address the individual you are speaking to, it is disingenuous.

Reaching out through direct messaging is a great touchpoint, especially on Instagram. Brands and businesses have the ability to reach out to their customer and their customer them. Being able to start a dialog directly with a client can show how much you care.

Stop Advertising: Using social media purely for marketing will completely alienate your audience. Do not advertise directly to your audience, if you want to gain attention for a particular quality piece of content, target outside of your audience to those you believe would be interested in your work. The moment your audience feels they are being advertised to you will lose their trust.

Successful brand outreach through social media is about providing value to your audience– provide valuable information, offer discounts, highlight products with a giveaway or contest. If you aim to provide value to your customers, and not just selling to them, the trust will be the result.

Transparency is Critical: This is probably one of the most important tips. Hold yourself accountable, make sure people know you have nothing to hide. People learn a lot about a company from who is behind the logo and who deals with everyday issues. Obviously, you have sensitive data you cannot share but be open and honest about what you do will go a long way.

Deleting posts is also something you must resist doing. Maybe you receive a bad comment or a troll makes its way to your reviews. DO NOT DELETE, keeping an open dialog and addressing people calmly, collected, and respectfully will go a long way to developing a relationship.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again social media is a long game. To get those impacting results you must be reliable and put in the work into your relationships. We must encourage and strengthen those around us and on the internet. To build an honest engaging audience it takes dedication, transparency, originality, and personality. That is why Mega’s guarantee rings true through and through, Relationships, Reliability, and Results. We strive to go above and beyond in our work and our relationship with the communities that welcome us into their arms.

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