Dear Janitorial Staff…Thank You

When you’ve walked into a commercial building, have you ever thought about the people who worked hard to make that space look nothing short of perfection?

Have you ever sat down at your desk and noticed your garbage can was emptied and your desk was wiped clean?

Have you ever walked through a car dealership and noticed the floors were polished so well that you could see your reflection?

Maybe you haven’t, but we bet the next time you’re in that situation, you will. And, when these thoughts pop into your mind, you’ll think about the men and women who clock in late at night or in the wee hours of the morning to make sure these buildings are in impeccable shape before an employee or customer crosses the threshold.

The only problem is that in most situations, even though their jobs are important, the janitorial staff doesn’t receive the respect or accolades they deserve from paying clients.

Our goal in writing this blog is to stress why it’s important for businesses to prioritize paying their cleaning company on time and to shine a spotlight on our team who puts in the extra effort to make sure our clients are proud to open their doors each day because their facilities are spotless.

Now, especially as COVID-19 continues to take the world by storm, we’re prepared to work through any disruptions this virus may bring and, through it all, we will remain committed to giving you the highest-quality service and experience.

As the premier coronavirus-certified commercial cleaner in Florida, we’re able to essentially kill 99.9 percent of the virus through the use of an electrostatic gun and chemical fogging that follow our three-step clean standard process.

Our team is equipped with approved personal protective gear and are trained to maintain universal infection control practices so they can continue to step up to the plate and go to work every single day because the job needs to be done.

It’s by no means an easy job. It’s one that not only requires a strong attention-to-detail but physical strength as well.

And, whether we want to acknowledge it or not, our team is on the front lines as well to clean healthcare facilities and other essential businesses that can’t close their doors in these difficult times.

So, we ask that whoever is reading this right now to appreciate not just our staff but all janitorial staff because what we do is more than just mop floors and get rid of garbage.

We show up to work every day no matter what’s going on in the world to keep our client’s happy and their facilities flawless not just for aesthetics but for health reasons, too.

On behalf of Mega Service Solutions, we extend our gratitude to all the janitorial staff doing their part behind the scenes for the health and safety of others. THANK YOU!

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