Learning From Disney’s Star Wars Marketing Assault

Have you seen the new Star Wars trailer? No doubt you have, it was number one on YouTube trending the day it came out with 24 million views in the first two days. It was even harder to miss by football fans, it premiered during Monday Night Football game. In fifteen minutes the trailer had over 80k social engagement on Twitter. The pure beauty of all this hype is the marvelous strategy Disney put behind it all. Disney has provided us the perfect opportunity to discuss how to drive the content train for your business.

The Marching Engine of Content: We are the biggest proponents of constant pushing of content. Your content should be driving your product, it is the gas that powers the vehicle of your company. Disney has put out a massive front of content consistently since the purchase of Star Wars for $4 billion in 2012. They’ve made, posters, trailers, tv shows, art, video games, conventions. By 2013, it made $225 million from selling the toy rights to Hasbro.

Investing time and money into the production of content gives consistent value to the brand and keeps the hype train going for all its fans. You want to be at the forefront of everyone’s mind and Star Wars is the perfect intellectual property to drive that brand. Building video content, blogs, imagery, back-end storytelling should be a part of your consistent strategy designed for your audience.

Utilize Those Involved: With the Jedi on your side, it’s hard to falter. Twitter is the greatest tool for celebrities right now. Mark Hamill has gone out of his way to engage with his fan base, his activity will keep the proverbial ball rolling for the Star Wars brand. Engaging with fans can increase engagements 500% more compared to other IP’s that don’t have their people actively engaging.

Having socially active employees and customers talking about your brand can add more fuel to the fire for your content. Variety said that 8 out of 10 teens can name social media celebs over a-typical celebrities as influencers. The reach from engagement on social media can be that extra push your brand could need to get to the next level.

Collaboration is Key: Reaching out to other brands in the creation of new and different content is another fine example of Disney driving Star Wars further into ubiquity through collaboration. Outside of cross-promoting through the NFL, Disney has worked with Vans and Adidas to create a Star Wars shoe line. They encouraged fans and artists to create their own Star Wars art and then promoting it. Just a few examples of reaching out to those that care about your brand to further drive that content train.

You can utilize your product or service and collaborate to cross-promote can open your business to new audiences through influencers, other brands, and local businesses. Supporting one another through building relationships can get you the results you want by thinking outside of the box and pushing your content above and beyond.

Your content engine will drive your brand by keeping you active and engaged through social media. Be sure to look out for potential collaboration opportunities that can maximize your potential for profitability. We are super excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi to come out and look forward to more interesting promos coming out of Disney.

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