Don’t Be Reactive Be…

Relationships, Reliability, and Results, are the 3 pillars of the Mega Cleaning Solutions guarantee. This is our foundation, it defines how we conduct ourselves in business and directly affects how we live our lives. Within these pillars are the defining adjectives which we all can define ourselves by. Without one pillar, the other falls and if our guarantee falls, we fall.

It is a part of our responsibility to make sure every voice within Mega is heard. This blog will be a series where we discuss what word in the above triangle which the people of Mega identify with. In this initial article, I will be discussing the word I identify with most, proactive.

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Content Writer Nick

The definition of proactive is creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened. Proactive to me is the ability to stay ahead of the oncoming storm. We all face challenges daily, and to be proactive is to stay ahead of unexpected turns in your day’s path.

Proactive is a part of the results pillar and would not be able to stand without the other two. If you are not proactive your relationships will fail; if you are not proactive, your reliability will falter. Without proactivity, you will not stay on top of the business at hand, and be proactive in everyday life you will not achieve the results desired. It’s getting up in the morning, not faltering in harsh weather, and maintaining the course, always making sure you make ends meet. If you are not proactive in business and life, you fall through the cracks. Be proactive, get results.

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