Is Your B2B Business STILL Not on Social Media?

Some would say what Mega is doing on social media is “out there” maybe even “crazy” for a cleaning company but playing hard offense on social media has proven itself useful in the B2B realm. It’s time to address your social media presence.

If you are reading this you are more than likely on social media in some shape or form. You may know someone who has said “my business would never benefit from being on social media” well we are here to tell you, they are wrong.

The Power of Social

With certainty, we can tell you that the businesses you are working with have employees that are on social media and if they do not their spouses or kids are. Almost 70% of Americans use social media making just about everyone in some way is connected to a social forum and you should be too.

Just Do It

Whether you like it or not your brand image matters. Brand equity is important in any business’s growth. Utilizing social media properly will help you grow and reach new markets that you could never have dreamed of. If you are a local brick-and-mortar restaurant or an online retailer you should have at least a small social media presence.

Be Swift

Responding to a decision-maker or one of their employees to comment or direct message as quickly as possible can be the difference between a won or lost sale. For example, Gary Vee’s The Thank You Economy references in Chapter 9 B2B company business communication company Avaya’s global managing director of Services and Social Marketing was swift in his responses on Twitter which famously won them a quarter-million-dollar sale with one single reply. Details aside, you cannot deny that is amazing power at their fingertips.

Getting in front of the right eyes can turn the right heads and lead to success. Being there when you are needed is the key to building and developing new and great relationships and social media is the key. Utilizing social media can help grow your business, increase sales, and reach new markets if you aren’t tackling that now we highly suggest you bring it to the table and get on offense.

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