Building Community Relationships Through Small Businesses

We value the communities and small businesses that we live and work in. As some of you might know we read aloud together on a weekly basis (see our previous blog here) this week we took our book readings to Caffeine Roasters. Our 3R guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our foundation and we want to build new relationships within every community we serve so it only makes sense to take our readings to locally owned and operated small businesses. Building relationships within a community is important to strengthen that community. You can’t put a price on community strength. Those relationships are the investment that will help everyone within the community be successful.

We read together, not only gain knowledge from our book, but also to build relationships with each other, share ideas, and develop our company culture. It only makes sense to bring that mentality into the world to support those around us. It may just be a cup of coffee we are buying but we are getting out there and talking to people, telling them why we are reading aloud with each other and the importance of our actions.

Being a community partner and an influencer starts with building relationships locally and around the world. Through social media and face to face contact with every one of our clients, each relationship helps strengthen our community.

I can’t say it enough, our aforementioned 3R guarantee is our foundation and we stand by those relationships we build through community interactions on a daily basis. If we slide into your DMS just know we are here to help YOU and we are here to serve YOU as well as help those that want it. Go out there and do your best to support small business’, doing a little bit of caring for one another every so often goes a long way. We care more and so should you.

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