Random Acts of Cleanness

 The Salvation Army - Doing The Most GoodThank you for participating in our 1st annual holiday charity campaign “Random Acts Of Cleanness.” You helped us reach our 200 post goal and raised $1,000.00 for The Salvation Army Tampa to promote Fight For Good!  Join us on our Facebook or Instagram page, 01/02/2018 at 3:00 pm EST, when we present them with the check, in your honor, via live streaming video.

Random Acts Of CleannessThis holiday season, Mega Service Solutions invites you to help us spread the love – LOVE for our neighborhoods, our communities and our entire planet, by performing your own “Random Acts of Cleanness.”  In doing so, you will also be supporting The Salvation Army to help them continue Doing The Most Good! 

With Random Acts of Cleanness, we hope to inspire everyone to slow down and pay attention to our environment. We should all pay closer attention, not just during times of tragedy when we’re forced to deal with hurricanes, fires or floods, but every day throughout the year.  If you see trash or debris, pick it up and throw it away!

From December 15-22, 2017, for each video or photo you post of yourself or a friend performing Random Acts of Cleanness on Instagram or Facebook and tag us,  Mega Service Solutions will donate $5 to The Salvation Army, up to 200 posts. Tell us a little bit about yourself, where you’re located, how it made you feel to make a difference…and don’t forget to use the hashtag #RandomActsOfCleanness! Remember to share your ACT on Facebook, as well as all your other social accounts. The more you share, the more you inspire others to help us make a difference!


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