The Right Company Culture

The Thank You Economy is rooted in good caring customer service, to Gary Vaynerchuk’s “great caring culture stems from the top of a company and cascades through it like a waterfall.” Real caring relationships are built by your employees but a company culture rooted in caring values starts with leadership. Solid lasting company culture is built between manager and employee, that waterfall effect Gary spoke of carries on down to the customer.

We Care More

It should not come as a surprise that happy employees lead to happy customers, Gary is “willing to bet that most of the companies that are praised for outstanding customer service also fall pretty high on the scale of great places to work.” It’s easy to see that when you care about the growth and wellbeing of your employees that carries over to your customers. Passionately caring for clients and will encourage your employees to go above and beyond when you put the time and effort into developing your company’s core values and culture.

It Starts with You

Building company culture starts with yourself but ends with your employees. Happy employees are the basis for a successful company. Many companies provide perks that boost morale, for example, Zappos provides free food in the cafeteria, Gary Vee has no vacation policy at VaynerMedia (everyone decides how much vacation to take). Perks do not, however, mean satisfaction (although they help) Gary believes a happy employee “is being treated like an adult. That means that until people prove they can’t be trusted, they should be allowed to manage their job as they see fit.” Doing your best to pay attention to each employee is time well spent. Everyone is in the caring business but being able to pass that on to your employees is what makes the difference in a quality company culture.

Building Blocks

Building a company culture starts with yourself committing “whole hog” to the business of caring. It is critical that “the leaders of the company are unwavering in their determination to create a culture of supersized caring” says Gary Vee, you must commit to “weaving care-your-face-off cultural DNA into your company”. It is these sentiments that Mega has incorporated into its company culture, our commitment to caring is something that we take seriously. It is up to you to “set the tone” for everyone in your company so they can carry it into their daily life.

Your company and its culture must empower your employees. Your customers will have a better experience if you create an environment which facilitates a caring centric brand. You must care more so your employees care more, so your customers care more about your brand. Building trust through empowerment will begin that caring “waterfall” effect that will drive an enjoyable working atmosphere. Our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our company culture’s foundation, it guides us to pass it down to those we bring into the fold and will echo into the future.

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