San Francisco Tech Comes to Tampa Bay

San Francisco document automation company, PandaDoc, has chosen to open its East Coast Operations center at Station House in St. Petersburg.

This decision didn’t come from tax incentives said J.P. Dubuque, president of the St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corp. They didn’t pull any wacky stunts like several cities are doing to lure Amazon at the moment. It came from dinner, a tour, and a conversation.

“One of the things I think the community is sometimes missing is how connections, many times, make a difference,” Dubuque said. “Incentives can be important, I’m not saying they’re not, but community connections are what matters.”

It’s amazing when a business considers a community and the connections its people have and decides that is why it is moving there. We pride ourselves on the connections we have here in Tampa Bay and celebrate every relationship we have. It is great to see a company like PandDoc share those views with us, we believe that great relationships lead to success for everyone involved.

It is with pride that we showcase the talented people in our community, Jared Fuller, Vice President of Sales and Business Development asked about the talent pool here most said, ‘We can recruit from anywhere. If you show them St. Pete, they never want to go back to New York.’”

This is a great opportunity for Tampa Bay to really showcase to the rest of the country that we are the place to be for business growth and opportunity. We look forward to seeing more great investments from businesses and people that choose Tampa Bay as their home.


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