We know a little something about love…

Here at Mega, we’ve got 25 years of experience providing environmentally-conscious commercial cleaning and janitorial services. You might be surprised to hear it, but actually…

Valentine’s Day is one of our favorite holidays.

And it’s not for the reasons you might think.

See, you won’t find too much sentimentality here at Mega. And forget romance. We know the truth about real love that helps us get exceptional results and build enduring relationships every day:

Real love lies in the nitty-gritty. Love is the willingness to do the work that isn’t always glamorous.

Sure, glittery cards, boxes of chocolate and bunches of flowers are nice. But when you get down to it, cleaning is an expression of caring, and caring is the natural extension of love.

Real love is reliability, commitment, trust, respect, responsibility, and acquired knowledge about one another. It comes over time, and with humility. Real love does whatever needs to be done.

Sometimes it’s also scrubbing the grout around the office toilets. That’s love.

And we practice that kind of commitment every day: cleaning as an expression of love.

We care more, so we make your workplace shine.

We care more, so our valued clients’ employees and patients feel immediately at ease, knowing they are in a safe and healthy environment. Everyone can breathe easy.

We care more, so we clear out the old, making space for a new day – and the new auto sale, new mortgage loan, and the next opportunity to heal a patient.

We care more, so we cultivate enduring relationships with our clients that give us long-term knowledge of what works for them, and what doesn’t.

We care more, so we apologize when something goes wrong, and we remedy the problem ASAP.

We care more, so you can count on us.

You can do it too! When you tidy up or wipe down a countertop, you communicate respect for your space, the people around you, and your work.

Here at Mega, we believe that good relationships are built on the how. Exceptional results can only be achieved when a commitment to quality leads every step of the process.

So you want passion this Valentine’s Day?

We’ve got it. We’re passionate about commercial cleaning in auto dealerships, fitness centers, medical suites, hospitals and banks!

Tell us, in what ways do you show love for your work? What are the nitty-gritty, not-so-glamorous commitments you make to demonstrate your exceptional service?

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