Your Marketing Needs to Care Its Face off

This week we read and discussed Chapter Eight of Gary Vaynerchuk’s The Thank You Economy, titled “Shock and Awe”. Gary discusses the benefits of earned media, caring, and how we can change the way we handle engagement. Marketing is all about “caring your face off” as Gary said. Your marketing department or coordinator has many jobs but you should be concerned with one thing, showing your brand or company cares.

No More

It is no longer about getting clicks in banner ads or emails. Yes, doing those things to help with brand equity but with the evolution of social media in business it is now unequivocally your job to perform customer service within marketing. Customer service and marketing done right by caring for your face off.

Your marketing through digital media now creates word of mouth. Performing acts of kindness, zeroing in on a client in need and providing a solution, giving a discount for someone that tweets about your brand, these are the things that will give you “earned media”. Earned media is a process of repetitive caring and is much harder to come by. You must always be caring and attentive. The sooner you seize an opportunity to care for a customer the more likely your word of mouth will spread. There’s a reason Facebook times your business’ message response.

Above and Beyond

If you go above and beyond for a client to do something extraordinary to help them or make their life better you will likely generate word of mouth. If you do get that earned media, well done, but it’s truly about caring for the customer’s face-off, you will have earned customer loyalty and that’s what counts most.

Goodbye Marketing

It’s time to scrap the term marketing department, you now work in the caring department. Reach your customers and clients by caring about their interests and needs. The relationships we gain from caring for our face-off will be well worth more than any major traditional media budget.

Our relationships mean everything to us. Our 3R Guarantee continues to show us the way to build relationships, by being reliable to our clients and getting the results so they can be successful. It’s not just about cleaning, it’s about being a good steward of the environment. Caring about our client’s health and the world around them. We want to see you succeed because when you succeed, we do. We Care More that is why we are the #CleanYouCanCountOn.


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