Building Families We Can Count On

Through the spring and early summer, we are thinking all about family. Not only because Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming, but because we are passionate about building healthy models of the family in service.

But first: why would a top-tier commercial cleaning company be so energized about maintaining strong families? What’s the connection?

It’s simple: we care more because at mega, we ARE a family. It’s the natural way we work, and it sets us apart.

To us, family means loyalty, trust, and communication. Those values are the bedrock of what we do, and the foundation from which we build enduring relationships with our team and our clients.

A Tampa-based non-profit Christian organization called Family God’s Way offers a wide range of programs and support structures for struggling families and people about to give birth to their families. We are glad to spotlight their work!

Family God’s Way is a 25-year-old organization led in partnership by Stuart Carver, an ordained Christian pastor, and Vickie Carver, a Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Their programs cover a spectrum of family needs from the arrival of a new child, to helping parents understand their identity and role as mothers and fathers, to helping couples and families stay together through difficult times.

mega shares and celebrates their commitment to a family focus at home, at work, and in the community. We stand for the following family-aligned values and are so glad that Family God’s Way stands with us!

  • In a healthy family, everyone gets what they need.
  • In a strong family, everyone has a place at the table. Everyone has an important role to play, and they can count on being valued and respected. Everyone in the family matters.
  • The responsibilities we have to one another are critical. Being readily available to one another in moments of need builds trust and loyalty.
  • Healthy families create consistency, support, and opportunities to grow in meaningful ways.
  • As a family and a community that cares, we set a collective trajectory and goals. Our actions create our legacy, embodied in the choices we make and the connections we build.

It’s a blessing that at Mega we can implement strong family practices above, and know that Family God’s Way is making opportunities available to families needing that care in our community. In Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, we will be looking more closely at how Family God’s Way inspires us!

Click here to get involved or learn more about their many programs and offerings:






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