Professional Auto Dealer Cleaning Services in Florida

At Mega, we provide professional cleaning services for a number of industries including auto dealers and other similar dealerships. Whether you’re a small BMW dealership looking for trustworthy janitorial services or own a large used car company, Mega’s auto dealer cleaning services are a fantastic choice for keeping your business spotless. Dealership cleaning is a specialized task and we are ready to bring our years of experience to help your dealership! If you’re looking for a reputable commercial cleaning company with expertise in the dealership industry, don’t hesitate to contact Mega today.

Used by Auto Dealers Across Florida

Mega has a strong reputation as one of the top commercial cleaning services in Florida. We’re trusted by many auto dealers including:

Used Car Dealerships

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Mercedes Benz Dealerships

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BMW Specialists

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Jeep Dealerships

Dealership Industry

Ford Specialists

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Bespoke Auto Dealer Cleaning Services

Janitorial services are important when it comes to keeping your dealership clean and spotless. But there are a number of other benefits that come with reliable and consistent auto dealer cleaning.

Street Sweeper

Great First Impressions

Create an irresistible first impression for all of your customers.

First impressions mean a lot when it comes to dealerships. While you might have a brand-new Jeep or a pristine second-hand Mercedes Benz on your lot, your dealership needs to look the part if you want to inspire confidence from your customers. As such, it’s vital that you utilize professional janitorial services so that your dealership becomes a warm and inviting place.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you create a great first impression with your dealership.

Lower Liability

Improve Your Profits

Profits with a dealership that demands a clean presence.

A clean showroom, creates a great first impression and can help increase sales. Perception is everything in the dealership industry; if your business looks the part, then customers will be more trusting of the prices you set and the services you offer. This creates a sense of trust with your customers and makes it more likely for you to close out a deal and make a sale.

Call us now to see how we can help you improve your profits.

Street Sweeper

Long-Term Support

Mega provides regular and consistent dealership cleaning to keep your business clean for years.

At Mega, we greatly value the long-term partnerships that we create with our clients. We offer long-term support and completely bespoke cleaning services that match your needs. No matter what you need us to clean or how often, we’re confident that we can establish a cost-effective plan to help you maintain a clean dealership.

Get in touch today and start tailoring our janitorial services to your needs.

Commercial Cleaning For All Dealerships

Regardless of the size of your dealership, we’re confident that we can provide you with an outstanding level of service to help keep your business in great condition. Don’t hesitate to contact us today and inquire about our bespoke commercial cleaning services.

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Setting a new standard in cleaning excellence.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Cindy R.
Cindy R.
Tampa, Florida
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After a short budget overrun on the new carpets put in. there was something of a serious accident that had us sure even the commercial grade carpets were ruined. To make matters worse. there wasn't a way to move the furniture to cover up the stain. In discussing the problem at a networking event. Mega Service Solutions was suggested. We decided to give them a go since they were able to come right out ...and had a specialty in carpet care... And boy are we glad. The carpet looks like new (and of course it should since it needy was) without a hint of the accident. And. because the prices were more than fair. it didn't blow out the budget much more than It already was.
Derik A.
Derik A.
Clearwater, Florida
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I was skeptical to have my office cleaned by anyone other than an employee: however, because of an extended medical leave. it had to be. Mega Service Solutions.com exceeded my expectations. Consequently. the partners have all decided to continue to outsource with you. Thanks for the professionalism.
Mark C.
Mark C.
St. Petersburg, Florida
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Before finding Mega. there was a persistent and noticeable degradation of our workspaces. After making the decision to use Mega. not only is the site looking its best. our people are producing more because they're feeling pride in their workspaces. Give it a go. it could just pay for itself as it most certainly has for us.

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We tailor each janitorial service to meet the exact needs of our clients. Call us today and talk to us about your unique needs. We work with your budget to get the best service.  Contact Us.

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