More Than Just a Cleaning Company

We work to keep hospitals, schools, and laboratories clean; empowering doctors to save lives, school teachers to educate our future, and scientists to discover the next cure.

Success is Achieved Together

Here at Mega, we know that true success happens when we work together. We've worked hard to create a team of truly amazing people and we strive to create a culture that propels us forward.

If you want to further your career and enjoy working with an amazing team of talented people, then get in touch and start your journey!

What is Mega Service Solutions?

We are a dedicated, business-to-business cleaning company that has helped thousands of commercial companies across Florida transform their cleaning solutions. Our dedicated team knows exactly what it takes to provide a clean. safe and proficient workplace that helps commercial businesses thrive.

Our objective is to help you grow, succeed, and empower you to help us help others.

Joining Our Team

We are passionate about ensuring our entire learn is able to achieve their true potential. We don't believe in creating an inner circle, instead we operate a culture of shared information and knowledge — making us completely transparent and guaranteeing we are always striving to attain the best for our clients.

Embracing Modern Thinking

We believe that people can achieve incredible things and we encourage autonomous working - meaning our staff have complete ownership of their work and make a genuine contribution to the business. If you are keen to learn and improve your knowledge, then we'll support you every step of the way. Our belief is that different perspectives help to make us stronger and we're committed to establishing an inclusive and diverse team.

We understand that in this modern world, spending time with your loved ones and enjoying your spare time is important. We operate a remote working option and work non-traditional hours. We also provide our staff with every opportunity to create the perfect work/life balance.

Want to Join Our Team

We're always looking for the best in new talent, so if you want to join our team, take a look at our current position.