Commercial Cleaning, Janitorial Services
In Hollywood, FL

Are you looking for cleaning services in Hollywood, FL? If so, Mega is here to help!

Mega Service Solutions has the expertise to assist you in all your cleaning needs. We do our best to ensure quality commercial cleaning or janitorial services. Anything you need, Mega will help you get it done.


We know how valuable your time is. Many of our clients request that we come into their spaces after hours to sanitize and disinfect. Our cleaners are incredibly reliable and will arrive on time for each of our scheduled cleanings. If there are any changes to the schedule, we'll communicate them to you ahead of time and give you ample time to make arrangements. However, we strive to ensure you receive the same commercial cleaning services on a consistent schedule.


As we care for our client's goals and concerns, they end up becoming our own as well. Our team members are trustworthy and transparent. Our clients are continually satisfied by our cleaning services and having a fresh environment leads to their own successes. The team at Mega Solutions Services measures our own success by evaluating the satisfaction of our customers. We don't deliver lackluster cleaning services as only the best is acceptable.

Satisfaction Guarantee

One of the primary goals of Mega Solutions Services is delivering exceptional results for our clients each time we visit their location. If you're ever not satisfied with your commercial cleaning, reach out to one of our team members immediately. Take a clear picture of what isn't to your satisfaction and provide us with additional details. We'll do everything in our power to remedy the error and bring your space back up to your satisfaction.

Whether you require one-time, ongoing, or emergency cleaning, we’re here for you, Hollywood.

Our Promise

A clean business supports a positive environment. At Mega Service Solutions, our daily goal is to clean your business with the respect and care that your environment deserves.


You can always trust our team.

By enlisting our services, you are trusting our team to clean every corner of your business. Your trust is our virtue – we go above and beyond by meeting all of your unique needs so you will return to a calm, spotless environment.


Our team and partners are our priority.

We are made of our partners and team of experts, and we care for our own. We work to build long-term relationships with the community of Hollywood; we prosper together.


We’ll always be there when you need us.

Consistency is at the forefront of our commitment to Hollywood; this means that we’ll put your unique cleaning needs first. We listen to your concerns, evaluate your situation, and apply our janitorial skills for an efficient top-tier cleaning experience. Whether you need ongoing cleaning, one-time or emergency, our experts are there to get the job done right.

Hollywood’s Leading Cleaners

The Mega Service Solutions team is committed to Hollywood’s businesses, with exceptional office cleaning and commercial janitorial services for a clean and safe employee environment. Our highly ambitious team approaches every unique cleaning job with unmatched cleaning expertise and a positive attitude that allows us to provide you with a quality cleaning experience you can count on.