Mega Cleaning Customer Reviews

At Mega we stand behind our service. We ensure that each partner is taken care of and is getting value from our services.

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“The healthcare cleaning standard was impeccable. Not only has Mega helped the practice feel safer and clean, they provided extra cleaning to individual patient areas to ensure that the specific areas would be as hygienic as possible for the patients. Very pleased with the results”.

Medical Office Buildings

“The scrubbing/strip/wax service for the floor in our medical office was incredible. The after results were as if the floor was new (super shiny!). Absolutely recommend Mega’s cleaning services!”

Surgery Centers

“Commerical cleaning services that provide for surgery centers can be hard to come by. But after finding Mega, we will never use anyone else. The final results of the equipment and floors are to the highest of standards and we are very happy with the outcome of our entrance ways, making patients feel safe”.

Outpatient Buildings

"We needed some help with a water issue in our outpatient buildings. The floor was a mess and we knew we needed professionals to come in, wipe away the water, and restore the damage. The results from Mega are remarkable and the building looks as good as new again”.

Primary Care Offices

“Our primary care offices can be hard to keep on top of, so we reached out for their commercial cleaning and janitorial services. The level of cleaning is of top standard and our offices have never felt cleaner. So happy we hired Mega to help us”.

Banking and Financial

“A clean bank certainly makes customers happy. Our current and new customers have not stopped complimenting the space since we hired Mega for a deep clean. We will certainly hire them again for future cleaning services as the results are amazing”.


“Finding cleaning help for banks can be tricky, as you need to be able to trust Mega. Mega offered us proof of background checks so we knew to trust them from the get-go. Not only is Mega trustworthy, but their work is amazing. The space has never felt so clean”.

Corporate Office Facilities

“Cleaning corporate offices can be hard work, which is why we wanted to find a reliable and efficient team to help us every day. After finding Mega, we are sure that our offices will be clean and hygienic year-round. Their work is impeccable and faultless”.

Credit Unions

“Our clients have been commenting on how clean and fresh our space looks. Some even think it’s been refurbished. We hired Mega hoping for a quick clean but they provided full services from top to bottom and the results are well worth it”.

Financial Service Buildings

“Our financial service building was feeling a little old and grubby. We clean it but not enough. We hired Mega to give us some expert help and advice. No longer will we be cleaning again as we want their services all the time. Our space has never looked so incredibly clean and well put together. Mega will be our regulars”.


“Presenting a clean office space for our clients is key. We didn’t care much for the office beforehand, so we hired Mega to help it look new - we were having an important few meetings. The clients were so impressed with the space from the get-go, we were sure it secured us the deal”.

Specialty Care Offices

“After hiring Mega to clean our offices thoroughly, we think we have found the company we will hire every time. Our offices were looking pretty grubby and we didn’t have much hope to make them look good. However, the Mega team managed to refresh them and they look as good as new again. Thanks”.