The Most Trusted Industrial
Cleaning Service in Florida

Our expert cleaners will ensure your industrial property is thoroughly disinfected and protected. Taking care of your industrial space will ensure you, your employees, and your clients have the best possible experience.

Building Specific Industrial Cleaning

Mega Service Solutions provides the best industrial cleaning in Florida. Do you manage any of the following types of properties? If so, it may be time to consider a professional cleaning service

Food Production Facilities


Distribution Centers

Manufacturing facilities


Power Plants

Processing Plants

Complete Industrial Cleaning

No matter what industry your industrial property serves, Mega provides the best industrial cleaning services for your business, including floor, garbage, and dust maintenance.

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Mega provides scrubbing and sweeping services to deep clean your space. Our professional cleaners will go in with a scrubber to remove deep-seated dirt and debris, and sweeping services for maintenance.

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Our cleaners are prepared to handle any type of garbage disposal and are professionally trained to safely remove waste. Mega cleaners will keep your workers and clients safe through proper waste disposal.

Increase Profits


Dust can cause a number of issues for your employees and clients. Dust allergies and complications can be serious, but with our professional dusting services, you'll be able to control this issue and greatly reduce any potential harm.

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High Dusting

We incorporate high dusting into our services to ensure your building is clean from top to bottom. High dusting involves cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as ceilings, light fixtures, and HVAC vents. Let our professional cleaners take care of the high dusting for you.

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Continued Auto Scrubbing Program

We deploy advanced automated machines to continuously move along and scrub your floor. Our continued auto scrubbing program ensures ongoing, consistent maintenance of large floor areas, enhancing the cleanliness and safety of your building while optimizing operational efficiency.

Maintaining Compliance with Amazon Standard

Amazon and other large companies require their suppliers to adhere to stringent cleanliness standards These standards are enforced to guarantee that products meet expectations for safety and quality. Our professional cleaners will help your business comply with Amazon's quality and safety regulations by ensuring thorough, consistent cleaning. Our professional services guarantee a pristine and hygienic environment, supporting your commitment to excellence and compliance.

The Best Industrial Cleaning Services, Guaranteed

From warehouse cleaning to waste disposal, our cleaners at Mega Service Solutions are equipped to handle any industrial property maintenance issue.

Professional cleaners are crucial for food production facilities. They help maintain product quality and avoid costly shutdowns and potential legal issues. Our team of specialized cleaners allows you to meet stringent hygiene standards, prevent contamination, and comply with food safety regulations. Our professional cleaners use industry-approved techniques and equipment to maintain a clean, sanitary environment, protecting product quality, consumer health, and your bottom line. Our professional cleaners will help your business comply with Amazon's quality and safety regulations by ensuring thorough, consistent cleaning. Our professional services guarantee a pristine and hygienic environment, supporting your commitment to excellence and compliance.

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Setting a new standard in cleaning excellence.

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Our teams are trained, certified, and experienced in cleaning

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Above and beyond cleaning.
Thanks to our support, flexibility, and attention to detail

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Cindy R.
Cindy R.
Tampa, Florida
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After a short budget overrun on the new carpets put in. there was something of a serious accident that had us sure even the commercial grade carpets were ruined. To make matters worse. there wasn't a way to move the furniture to cover up the stain. In discussing the problem at a networking event. Mega Service Solutions was suggested. We decided to give them a go since they were able to come right out ...and had a specialty in carpet care... And boy are we glad. The carpet looks like new (and of course it should since it needy was) without a hint of the accident. And. because the prices were more than fair. it didn't blow out the budget much more than It already was.
Derik A.
Derik A.
Clearwater, Florida
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I was skeptical to have my office cleaned by anyone other than an employee: however, because of an extended medical leave. it had to be. Mega Service exceeded my expectations. Consequently. the partners have all decided to continue to outsource with you. Thanks for the professionalism.
Mark C.
Mark C.
St. Petersburg, Florida
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Before finding Mega. there was a persistent and noticeable degradation of our workspaces. After making the decision to use Mega. not only is the site looking its best. our people are producing more because they're feeling pride in their workspaces. Give it a go. it could just pay for itself as it most certainly has for us.

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