Top 5 Ways to Engage Your Team

There is something compelling about having a company full of enthusiastic and engaged employees, especially in this modern digital age where everything is at your fingertips. With cell phones, your employees can engage with you and your clients directly through social media. Instilling loyalty in an employee is an important quality to have in any size company. That is precisely why we love to see companies adjusting their methods for engaging their employees. Below are some great ways to help engage your team in your business. Let us know what you think and what works for you in the comments.

  1. Engage Through Sense of Purpose

A purpose is a root which business grows from, CEO of Salesforce Marc Benioff said: “To be truly successful, companies need to have a corporate mission that is bigger than making a profit.” Employees should know they’re having an impact, creating that mission so they have a benchmark to measure their impact is key. Brands that are driven by purpose have been reported by Unilever, growing by 30% faster than others. High growth companies such as Tesla and their goal to benefit the planet and the people in it have been found to have clearly defined non-financial cause. Satisfaction in the workplace increases when people feel they are creating positive value, levels of pride, and engagement. Cultivating this kind of workplace environment can reward and encourage this sense of meaning and purpose in the workplace.

  1. Support Career Growth

Investing in your employees will yield great loyalty. A great way to encourage employees is through career advancement and upward mobility. Provide new opportunities to identify strengths and weakness through peer to peer constructive criticism and performance reviews. Identify their goals and aspirations, work with them on how those can be achieved.

  1. Failure is Important

The greatest lessons are not taught from our wins but from our losses. Every experience can be learned from but the ones you are going to remember are those that hit you the hardest. Your employees should know you have their back and will support them in their failures. Modern business culture has too long demonized failure. Society has always pushed out failure, embrace failures learn from it, don’t become complacent. Complacency comes from being afraid to fail. Strengthen employees through encouragement in their darkest hour.

  1. Encourage Time Off

Breaks and time off are critical to an employee’s success. Suffering performance, engagement, and satisfaction are going to hamper any goals in any organization. This should be paid special attention in a start-up atmosphere where non-traditional are normal. Encourage your employees to take time for self-care. You are at your best when your body and mind are rested, be sure your employees live by your example.

  1. Transparency is Key

The American Psychological Association found that a quarter of employees don’t trust their employers. That being said the best way to improve business performance is to be open with your employees. Make sure employees are aware of expectations and current practices and how they can

reach them. Many companies are making strides to provide information such as salaries, funding, product roadmaps, pricing, values and diversity available right on their website. While this can be quite controversial, it is more and more becoming the norm in society.

The key to engagement is loyalty through action and transparency. Having a strong company culture and foundation through purpose, growth, encouragement, transparency, and rest and relaxation are the keys to engagement. Mega’s foundation of Relationships, Reliability, and Results has given everyone here an identity upon which they stand and care for one another by. It is who we are and that is what you must find in your team. Who are you? What drives you? That is what will provide lasting results. What else have you found that drive engagement in your team? Let us know in the comments

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