Loyalty Above All

Loyalty: Going Above and Beyond

Relationships, Reliability, and Results, are the 3 pillars of the Mega guarantee. This is our foundation, it defines how we conduct ourselves in business and directly affects how we live our lives. Within these pillars are the defining adjectives which we all can define ourselves by. Without one pillar, the other falls and if our guarantee falls, we fall.

It is a part of our responsibility to make sure every voice within Mega is heard. This blog will be a series where we discuss what word in the above triangle which the people of Mega identify with. In this edition, we will be discussing loyalty, chosen by our project manager Lesley.

To Lesley, it is important for people to know that you have their back. Loyalty is the basis of every important relationship, especially as a leader in an organization. Within that context, loyalty is gained through viewing those around you as more than just an employee, peer, or colleague.

You spend a third of your life with the people you work with. You invest your time and energy into them, being loyal to them means doing your best to take care of them.

Loyalty is the backbone of our 3R guarantee. You maintain loyalty to your clients, employees, and coworkers, looking out for their best interests in the face of adversity. Through the energy and effort put into those relationships, we forge a loyal bond.

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