Mega Retail Takes on Mega Insurance

CVS will purchase mega insurance company Aetna in a roughly $69 billion deal that will combine the mega drugstore with one of the biggest health insurance companies in the US could have the potential to change the American healthcare landscape.

The transaction, one of the biggest this year, reflects the rising change in the traditionally separate industries. It shows the effort that many companies have been putting in to evolve a more customer-centric healthcare industry.

It may seem odd that a retail giant would buy into a health insurance company but CVS has slowly been taking steps to better focus on health, for example getting rid of cigarette in September 2014. This would lead you to believe they have been looking to do something like buying a billion-dollar health giant.

CVS will be taking on the millions of relationships Aetna has formed with their current client base in a time when healthcare has been in flux with changing legislation and political landscape.

Every company should be aware of the relationships that are formed in any business and this especially rings true in healthcare. The healthcare industry is vitally important and companies like CVS and Aetna should always be looking to serve its customers better.

We look forward to seeing how CVS changes the landscape for healthcare which we hope will only serve you better; just like our 3R guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results will always continue to guide us to serve you better.


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