Teen Builds Tiny Home in His Backyard

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Teen Builds Tiny Home in His Backyard

Teens these days are becoming more and more innovative and passion driven. One such teen put the construction of something very special in his sights.

Luke Thill, a 13-year-old from Dubuque, Iowa, is a stand out example of just that.

This innovative and proactive boy built his own tiny home in his parents’ backyard!

We look too young people like Luke to inspire us and the next generation check out what he did with his summer:


Facebook/Luke Thill

The build cost him roughly $1,500 – and now Luke has brought dreams to reality with his own backyard getaway.Luke is a shining example of the new generation of go-getting kids that were born into the great recession. His energy and desire is something we love to see, as he explains on his YouTube channel, he wanted to build the tiny home because he was bored. Some kids go to summer camp while others find their own fun.

How He Did It

To get the materials Luke spent a year mowing lawns, starting a fundraiser, and running errands for neighbors and friends.

An electrician helped Luke in exchange for his garage to be cleaned out.

Luke utilized reclaimed materials from the leftover construction of his grandmother’s house. The front door was a gift from a family friend, and the flag in his lawn was a gift from a subscriber on YouTube.

tiny home

Facebook/Luke Thill

The 87-square-foot house is 10 feet long and 5 ½ feet wide, with no plumbing just yet.

“I liked the minimalism,” he told The Des Moines Register. “And I wanted to have a house without a huge mortgage.”

Luke made several videos and posted them online as he talks about his growing interest in construction and how things are made.


Facebook/Luke Thill

Luke had support from his family, friends and his community both financially and with the building itself.

His father, Greg, made sure that Luke did the legwork and paid for most of it and did most of the building himself.

Facebook/Luke Thill

“It was a chance for a kid to do something more than play video games or sports,” Greg told The Des Moines Register. “It teaches life lessons.”Teen Dreams

Every teen dreams of an oasis of their own where you can relax, hang out with friends and have some peace and quiet. Luke’s is that and has a microwave, TV, and a loft bed. He even included a BBQ and landscaping.

Luke is already looking at building another tiny home that he wants to be a little bit bigger for when he goes to college. He also hopes to inspire others to follow their dreams:

“I want to show kids it’s possible to build at this age,” he says in one of his videos.

Luke is a fantastic example of the results you get from putting in the time and work through the relationships he built with his community and the support he got from his family. We hope more kids are inspired to do just the same as Luke, as we will do our best to follow his example.

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