Why you should be making great content

Social media has really given small and large businesses a voice to engage with the world. We see Arby’s posting sponsored ads on Facebook about video games and anime, Chick-Fil-A posts about DIY projects anyone can do with their family; these are some of the things that companies are doing to relate to their audience. It is important to understand why they put time and money into making great content.

It is important to have the resources to make entertaining and interesting content around the subjects your audience likes and relates to. During this year’s eclipse, everyone took part in the content making fun, creating clever videos and images to post.

To some, it seems a far stretch for a cleaning company to be talking about a solar eclipse or anything outside the realm of cleaning. But we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Mega is a people company, our product is our relationship. Making great, relatable content is in everyone’s best interest to drive engagement to their business, engagement is the value you seek to show that your company is creating an audience that cares about your product.

We aim to make content that’s interesting and fun for everyone because we care more. We care more about our relationship with you, whether it’s keeping you informed or just posting something that makes you smile. It is important that you know that we go above and beyond. We hope to serve you better by being aware of the world that is going on around us and staying on the front of our ever-evolving society.

Our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our foundation and it drives all of the content we create. We strive to build better more engaging content so you know how much our relationships mean to us.

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