Meet Mega


The Mega Service Solutions team has been serving customers just like you for more than 25 years. We are committed to providing exemplary services and results and have served hundreds of businesses throughout the United States, with Regional Headquarters in Florida, Georgia, New York, and Texas. Our unique processes and programs have been tested and perfected over the years, using only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products. We specialize in four main industries: Healthcare Facilities, General Commercial Cleaning, Auto Dealership Cleaning and Construction Cleaning. We believe that by investing in our people and providing everyone with diverse opportunities for personal and professional growth, we cultivate loyalty and strengthen our organization. Our passion and the foundation of the Mega brand promise are driven by our three core values: Relationships, Reliability, and Results – Clean You Can Count On!


Three veteran entrepreneurs formed Mega Service Solutions in January 2009.  Each one entering the partnership with different industry experience – including commercial cleaning – but all with one distinct thing in common: cleanliness had been a critical factor in their success.  They had all also relied on vendor responsiveness and professionalism to drive their businesses forward. By combining their unique insights and experiences, they knew they would be able to give Mega a leading edge and to provide their customers with added value no other company could offer.

Their philosophy was simple: build a company that focuses on cultivating long-term relationships, caring about, empowering and rewarding their people – all while providing reliable, consistent, efficient service to their customers.  All these things translate to exemplary results.


By steadfastly focusing on that simple philosophy that built our company years ago, we are enjoying rapid growth and will continue to expand our service offerings and reach throughout the United States. We care about the communities we live in and are concerned stewards of the environment. Our growth has given us the ability to support many amazing charities each year and participate in community fundraisers and events. We are immensely proud that our commitment to empowering our employees and our standard practice of using non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaners and products, earned us an honor in 2014:  The Sustainable Business of The Year Award, presented by  The Sustainable Business Coalition, The Sustany Foundation,  in concert with The University of Tampa Center for Ethics.

We care about your company as much as we care about our own, and look forward to supporting your growth and success. We will be there 24/7 to support you and stand by our commitment to always make you shine!


Mega Service Solutions will be the leading commercial cleaning partner for businesses throughout Florida, Texas, New York, and Georgia. Our brand will be synonymous with excellence in the minds of anyone in the healthcare, general commercial office, auto dealership or construction cleaning industries.  We will build lifetime relationships, provide unprecedented reliability and results for all our customers.

  • Meaningful, long-term relationships with customers, employees & vendors
  • Being reliable, responsive partners
  • Delivering exemplary results
  • People are our most valuable resource
  • Open communication to address all customer needs
  • Commitment to continually innovating processes, procedures, and products
  • Serving our community
  • Professional & Ethical behavior
  • Facilitate an open and respectful workplace for team members and customers to succeed
  • Continually provide employees with the highest quality, industry-specific, relevant training available
  • Always be efficient, caring and conscientious vendor partners for our customers
  • To be the most knowledgeable cleaning company about industry innovations, best practices, and programs
  • Improve the quality of life for our clients and our team members through ethical, hard work and reliability
  • Strengthen our community through support and outreach for charities, community fundraisers, events, and employee program initiatives
  • Constant and never-ending improvement in our personal and professional impact on the environment.  To always be good stewards of our planet


Our Customer Commitment

The foundation of the Mega brand promise is our commitment to ‘out-caring’ the competition by always striving to exemplify our three core values:

cultivated through loyalty, responsiveness, and our eagerness to exemplify servant leadership in every client interaction.

so our clients can expect integrity, security, and dependability from us. We do what we say we’ll do or we make it right, fast.

stemming from the value, skill, and inherent quality our dedicated team members deliver. We always strive to exceed expectations.


Our Environmental Commitment

Preserving Human Health & Environmental Quality

GREEN cleaning techniques avoid the use of chemically reactive and toxic cleaning products. Our GREEN Cleaning also describes the way cleaning products are manufactured, packaged and distributed. Our eco-friendly products are environmentally responsible, sustainable and biodegradable. We value the products and technologies that allow us to utilize superior processes in our work, ones that allow us to help our clients manage their business in the most ecologically sound manner possible.

We help our clients pursue their GREEN goals through a number of best practices:

  • GREEN cleaning staff training
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient processes and equipment
  • Green Seal cleaning products

Our arsenal of elevated GREEN cleaning knowledge and efficient tools means that we can cater to clients working towards earning credits for LEED Certificationand we can help clients who simply want to infuse more ecologically sound products and processes into their janitorial programs. We train our people to be aware of USGBC and LEED Certification requirements and we stay on top of the latest innovations in GREEN cleaning solutions to provide our clients with the highest quality, renewable-resource paper products and more.

We are immensely proud that our commitment to empowering our employees and our standard practice of using non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaners and products, earned us an honor in 2014: The Sustainable Business of The Year Award, presented by The Sustainable Business Coalition, The Sustany Foundation, in concert with The University of Tampa Center for Ethics.



Our Community Commitment

We are honored to partner with and support these amazing charitable
and educational causes in our community.


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