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Food donation is coming soon… but first, THANK YOU!

Our summer food drive in cooperation with Feeding Tampa Bay’s Food for Families campaign has ended, and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated! Together we collected 2 barrels’ worth of food for hungry Tampa Bay families. ?????
(Stay tuned for photos and video of our delivery and drop off July 11!)
Our big blue barrel collected non-perishable food items at So Fresh for the 1 in 4 Tampa Bay kids who may go hungry over the summer without school meals available.
We […]


May 28 is World Hunger Day, and we want to help.

Chances are, you know someone who may go hungry this summer.
Did you also know?

25% of Tampa children struggle with hunger daily, and during summer months, without school breakfasts and lunches, these kids may not eat for days.
19% of families who go hungry in our area have someone who is either currently serving in the military or has served in the past.
Overall, Florida is fourth in the nation for family hunger. 60% of the people in West Central Florida are […]


Building Families We Can Thrive In (Part 2 of a 3 part series)

This week we’re continuing our family focus theme for spring and early summer.
 We want to share a bit about the inner workings of Mega, and the kinds of humble practices that contribute to our family-business environment.
Our core leadership team takes to heart the charge of servant leadership. We are inspired by the relational discipleship approach of Family God’s Way to equip people with tools and techniques for healthy relationships and lifestyles that support the most important parts of life.

Because […]


Building Families We Can Count On

Through the spring and early summer, we are thinking all about family. Not only because Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming, but because we are passionate about building healthy models of family in service.
But first: why would a top-tier commercial cleaning company be so energized about maintaining strong families? What’s the connection?

It’s simple: we care more because at mega, we ARE a family. It’s the natural way we work, and it sets us apart.
To us, family means loyalty, […]