4 Reasons to Find an Expert Partner in Commercial Cleaning

Mega’s 3R guarantee to you is Relationships, Reliability, and Results but means nothing to you without actions. We are proud to serve community leaders, entrepreneurs, local business owners, and your success is our success. It is a part of our expert service to you to help you be aware of the benefits of having a team of dedicated commercial cleaning experts making sure your facilities are a safe and healthy environment. Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider partnering with a caring commercial cleaning company such as Mega:

1.      We are here to be your in-depth expert

Doing business with a company that remains aware of new cleaning innovations, cleaning products, green cleaning methods, and a well-trained staff is vital to a good partner in cleaning. We have your back and seek to meet and exceed your needs. Our team is here to be your experts so you don’t have to invest the time in managing an in-house team of cleaners. We want you to remain effective while doing what you love to do.

2.      Money saved is money earned

Keeping a cleaning staff can be a hefty investment with salaries, benefits, equipment, training, and management needed to keep your team performing. As your partner in excellence, we seek to help you cut costs the best we can so your business thrives in a well-manicured environment. For example, in 2016 Virginia’s Chesterfield County Public schools saved $7.1 million by partnering with an outside custodial service.

3.      Focus on what is important

You want to maintain pride and consistency in the work you do and it is our passion to ensure you keep doing that. Many people spend their free time cleaning their homes at the weekend. We want to make sure your time and energy are focused on getting the job done. The best managers know when to delegate services unrelated to their core business. Mega is your expert in commercial cleaning, we maintain a professional, trained, hardworking staff of cleaning experts at your disposal. We strive to exceed your expectations and get you results.

4.      Above and beyond

Flexibility is critical to a fluctuating office environment. Your account manager will maintain an open communication line with you and your team to make sure every need is met. When you partner with us we want to provide exactly what you need. We are here to see you be successful.

Finding an expert partner in commercial cleaning just makes sense. Our goal is to provide you with premier quality service and be a humble servant leader in partnership with you. Please contact us so we can help evaluate your needs.

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