Is Your B2B Business STILL Not on Social Media?

Some would say what Mega is doing on social media is “out there” maybe even “crazy” for a cleaning company but playing hard offense on social media has proven itself useful in the B2B realm. It’s time to address your social media presence.
If you are reading this you are more than likely on social media in some shape or form. You may know someone who has said “my business would never benefit from being on social media” well we […]


Why an Auto Dealership Should Shine

Mostly everyone in their life will walk into an auto dealership in some capacity. You want to walk into that dealership, be wowed by the luxury and be comfortable with the person you are buying a car from. A commercial cleaning company is the polish on a freshly manufactured vehicle. When that car hits the floor so should your jaw when you get that first eye full.
1.      Maintain That Shine
The human body sheds about one million skin cells a […]


How to Wash Your Hands

While that daily cleaning of your facilities can keep infections at bay, it is not all you can do to maintain a healthy work environment. Making sure your facility is using proper protocols to maintain cleanliness includes thorough, consistent hand-washing techniques. We’ve got a few simple tips to help you learn to do it all over again.
The CDC has reported that more than 80 percent of illnesses can be transmitted by the hands, which is why practicing good hand hygiene throughout the […]