How Do You Calculate Commercial Cleaning Costs?

The cost of commercial cleaning services will be determined by numerous factors including the size of the building that needs to be cleaned as well as the level of labor necessary to complete the job to the right standards. Commercial cleaning calculators are available online however with the right information you can gain a solid understanding of what you may need to pay. 

The vast majority of commercial buildings including offices and restaurants will require the support of a professional commercial cleaning service several times throughout the year. A solution like this will provide a deep clean of your property, ensuring that it looks fantastic and is safe for employees as well as customers. To use a service like this, you need to ensure it matches your business budget. 

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Examples Of Commercial Cleaning Costs 

While costs can vary slightly, the average cleaning costs remain the same for most companies on the market. For instance, a property of between zero and one thousand square feet will usually cost between $200 and $400 and take approximately one hour.

In contrast, a property that is between twenty thousand and forty thousand square feet could take up to nine hours and cost as much as $1600. 

Different types of cleaning may also impact the price. For instance, you might require window cleaning for your property. This can be anywhere between $4 and $8 for each piece of glass. 

What Other Factors Impact The Commercial Clean Costs?

There are countless factors that can impact the cost of your commercial cleaning service. For instance, the cost can change depending on the state of the property when a solution like this is arranged. If a property has been left for too long then it is always going to be more difficult to clean. This means that the job will take longer which is going to increase the cost significantly. 

You might also need to consider the number of team members that will be required to complete the solution. More complex properties will require larger teams which is also going to add to the cost. 

Some companies will require specialist cleaning services. This includes unique properties such as schools. More consideration will be required in areas like this and green cleaning methods may be necessary to ensure that students and faculty members are kept safe. 

A commercial cleaning solution team may also charge more if they need to operate around a specific schedule. However, there are countless teams that will remain flexible to your requirements without charging you more money in the long term. 

Finally, some environments such as business labs will require the use of specialist tools and equipment to provide cleaning to the right standards. This could be because there are areas that are harder to reach. This too is going to change the price. 

Remember, the best way to find the right price for your commercial clean is to contact different companies, compare quotes, and the type of services they can offer for your business.

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