What’s Included In Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services can cover the cleaning of a wide variety of different properties such as office buildings, retail stores, and even factories. A commercial cleaner may also provide a range of solutions and types of cleaning depending on the requirements and considerations of a client. 

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What Is A Commercial Cleaning Service?

Every business owner needs to ensure that their properties remain clean. However, since business properties are all different the requirements for commercial cleaning can be quite vast. Ultimately, you need to ensure that you find the service that can deliver the right approach. However, to do this, you need to understand the different types of commercial cleaning. 

There are countless types of commercial cleaning including:

  • Green cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning 
  • Glass cleaning
  • Secure cleaning 
  • Post-construction cleaning 

Perhaps one of the most common services included in commercial cleaning solutions is carpet cleaning. Typically offices are covered in the carpet because they do provide the sound dampening effects that are required for an effective working environment. Carpet may also be chosen to ensure that a room looks more comfortable and softer to clients as well as employees. Carpets need to be cleaned regularly in commercial environments to prevent the build-up of both dust and debris that can impact whether an environment is providing the right place to work. 

Glass cleaning is another popular element that will typically be included in commercial cleaning surfaces. Glass cleaning is suitable for cleaning windows to ensure that an office building maintains the right curb appeal while also guaranteeing that your office lets in plenty of natural light. The best commercial cleaning solutions will provide complete glass cleaning with every glass surface wiped down so that it is free from streaks. 

Do note that secure cleaning can be part of a commercial service. This is used to clean commercial properties that do need to be kept secure. As such, commercial cleaning companies will ensure that the teams send out extensive background checks and reach the right standards in terms of both safety as well as security. 

What Is The Difference Between Commercial Cleaning And Janitorial Services?

Commercial cleaning is not the same as janitorial services. Instead, commercial cleaning is used for larger jobs that are required around a business property and will usually be arranged a couple of times per year. It will typically include a deep clean of your business property. In contrast, a janitor will handle day-to-day cleaning requirements in your business such as regular vacuuming. Instead of just vacuuming your carpet, a commercial cleaning service will provide deep carpet cleaning to remove all the dirt, dust, and debris. 

What Won’t A Commercial Cleaning Service Do?

A commercial cleaning service can complete a wide range of tasks including:

  • Sanitizing surfaces
  • Polishing surfaces
  • Sweeping and vacuuming

One task a commercial cleaning service typically won’t handle is managing your clutter. Everything will be left in the same place once your cleaning company has completed the job. 

Commercial cleaning solutions can be fantastic for keeping your business property looking great and ensuring standards of cleanliness are maintained. 

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