Top 5 Benefits in Hiring Professional Medical Cleaning Experts

We are proud to serve those that keep our communities healthy. Medical offices require much stricter attention to cleanliness compared to your typical office building. It is important to recognize that the cleanliness of medical offices affects both staff and patients as well as their families. Medical cleaning is a tough job let us get it done right. There are five important benefits to recognize when hiring a commercial cleaning company to clean your hospitals, healthcare facilities, dentists, and urgent care centers.

Make an Impression

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful marketing tools for medical services. It is vital to keep your waiting room and entryways spotless to create a good first impression on patients and their families. Your facility should leave a pristine sense of cleanliness from the waiting room to back offices. Your facility’s cleanliness is extremely important to us. We take pride in making you look good. The referrals you get from your excellent level of service and a partnership with the cleaning experts at Mega will secure your business’s success well into the future.

Keep Employees in Mind

Morale is an extremely valuable aspect of any professional office and no one is happy when they are sick. Your employees spend a third of their life within your office walls and keeping those spaces professionally cleaned will keep their spirits and health positive. In a recent ISSA study, unhealthy working conditions cost companies $225.8 billion per year in sick days. Maintaining a high caliber work environment will not only increase employee productivity, but they also feel more confident in their employer.

Time Saver

Keep your team focused while we take care of the mess with expert effectiveness. Your staff should not be sanitizing surfaces, mopping floors, or emptying sharp containers, let the professionals handle those so you focus on what is important, your patients. Hiring a professional cleaning company like Mega Cleaning Solutions allows your office to work efficiently, maximizing your medical staff’s time.

Tailored Medical Cleaning Services

Mega specializes in maintaining a healthy, safe medical environment. We can work closely with you to maintain a tailor-fit cleaning regimen for any type of medical office. For example, a surgery center will require a much different set of cleaning needs than a medical or dental office. Mega’s medical cleaning experts follow all OSHA protocols and HIPPA laws.

Patient Health

A report released by the CDC states one in 25 patients acquire an infection from the hospital. A significant impact on patient recovery is airborne particles. Our medical cleaning professionals use HEPA vacuum filters, which filter out dust and airborne allergens; they will dramatically improve the quality of the air. Cleaner air is the key to a safer environment for patients undergoing surgery or dealing with an open wound.

You, your patients, visitors, and staff will also have peace of mind knowing that we will always meticulously follow HIPPAOSHA, Blood-borne pathogens programs and protocols, in addition to any other required programs to keep everyone safe, secure, and irritant-free. Every member of our staff is required to meet all local, state, and federal standards before they are assigned to a team that serves our healthcare clients. We will always meet the most stringent healthcare cleaning standards, regulations, and best practices.

Whether you’re managing a hospital, outpatient facility, medical office building, or surgery center, you can always count on our 3R Guarantee: We will be loyal, responsive cleaning partners – eager to serve you because we value our customer relationships; We will always be reliable, dependable and operate with integrity and respect; We will always provide exceptional results. #CleanYouCanCountOn

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