9 tips for keeping your office clean in between commercial cleaning visits

We provide the foundation of a clean office but keeping organized and cleaning your office is still very important. A discarded post-it here, a pen there, disheveled magazines on the floor, it all adds up to one thing, the impression of a messy office.

Here are a few useful tips to keep your office clean

  1. Keep anti-bacterial wipes close by. They can help with those surprise coffee spills and quick wipe downs of surfaces.
  2. Use natural air fresheners, for example, simply mixing 3 parts water with 1 part lemon juice can provide a fresh scent for your office.
  3. Get a computer brush. Dust and food crumbs from lunch can gather quickly. An easy wipe of the brush can make dust and crumbs vanish.
  4. Value your coat racks. Having a designated place for coats and jackets is very important, a coat lying around is an instant mess.
  5. Keep food where it belongs, in the refrigerator or in a drawer and out of sight.
  6. Keep papers organized. File things away, don’t let papers stack up, keep them out of sight as much as possible.
  7. Rid yourself of refuse like old receipts, unused paper, broken stationary. If you don’t use it, trash it.
  8. Keep garbage can close to every desk and workspace.

9.    Most importantly – Designate a space for everything. Keep your things organized and where they belong. Taking time out of your day to maintain your environment can be very therapeutic and will save you time as well as money.

A clean and tidy office or work environment is an efficient and happy place to be! By providing your employees, visitors, and customers with a clean, safe, and tidy environment, you will be increasing productivity, elevating your brand’s perception, and effectively raising your bottom line. After serving hundreds of happy customers throughout Florida, Texas, and Georgia, we understand how important the role of seemingly small commercial cleaning services, can truly make such a giant impact on profitability and happiness. We provide the full range of standard services including, but not limited to: general facility maintenance, emptying trash, recycling, cleaning restrooms & lobbies, office spaces, dusting, mopping, windows, carpet cleaning, and more!

We use only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products, and pride ourselves in being good stewards of the environment and our community. Whatever your needs are – great or small – we can tailor a custom plan to meet them all. Whether you need cleaning services for a restaurant, store, or office building, you can always count on our 3R Guarantee: We will be loyal, responsive cleaning partners – eager to serve you because we value our customer relationships; We will always be reliable, dependable and operate with integrity and respect; We will always provide exceptional results. #CleanYouCanCountOn

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