A Clean School is a Successful School

A clean school is probably not the first thing that comes to mind when you think about what contributes to a student’s success. But research has shown that a clean school leads to better academic performance and progress. Cleanliness is so critical to productivity that it is one of the most important building elements for an educational facility.

All learning facilities are affected by an unclean and dirty environment, that can hamper a student’s learning experience. The following areas are affected directly by unclean institutions of learning:


Children and subsequently schools are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. A school contains more humans per square foot than offices therefore illness is likely to spread quickly in this environment. Elementary schools are especially susceptible to the spread of germs, children’s developing immune systems make them more likely to become ill than adults


Constant sickness means more time out of school. While many children love the opportunity to stay home constant absenteeism can be the downfall of a child’s entire education. Falling behind in class can cause students to miss out on several crucial experiences, take the time to make sure your student is keeping up on anything they missed.


Like an unclean home for your child to study in, an unclean school is just as bad. An unclean classroom can easily distract a student from paying attention, bad smells, overflowing trash, dirty floors and desks. The dirtier the facility the worse the distraction. Children can have a difficult time concentrating in general, they don’t need the extra distraction


These issues should be a concern to you and your student’s academic performance. Negative health effects attendance, and can hinder overall performance and success. Your child could miss lectures and activities they need to be successful A clean school is a successful school, students won’t be able to perform with the impact of an unhealthy environment. It is our duty to provide them with a healthy, clean school.

Students aren’t the only victims of unclean schools, the faculty is just as affected if not more. The cleanliness of any facility is going to affect employees and we care about the success of everyone. Our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our foundation and your health and success are critical to your community.

A clean environment is a successful environment. From the classroom to the cafeteria, bathrooms to the floors, students, and teachers thrive in a clean space. If you want your students to be at their best be aware of the measures your schools take to provide a clean environment.

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