How to Choose a Commercial Cleaning Company That Cares

Picking the right commercial cleaning company is difficult. An important consideration for every property owner or building manager is who you decide to build a relationship with to maintain the health of your facility. You want assurance you are in good hands with cleaning professionals that have proven superior results. With so many options available, we want to help you with a few tips on what to look for when searching for a good cleaning company.

1.      Reliability in Established, Experienced Cleaners

Taking a close look at reviews and past clients is the first step in your journey to finding a reliable cleaning service. Be sure they have experience with varying business types to determine their capability to handle any situation. You should expect integrity, security, and dependability from your cleaning professionals.

2.      Safety and Security

Making sure your cleaning company observes proper safety precautions, insurances, and OSHA certifications are critical in any search. They must provide uniforms and/or badges and should be doing proper background checks of their staff. Having established processes and procedures is important to keep your staff and facility safe.

3.      Result Driven Practices

Your cleaning company should be maintaining steady, measurable results. Results that stem from the value, skill, and inherent quality in a dedicated, professional organization. It is always our goal to exceed expectations and should be the goal of any reliable company.

4.      Is the Company Committed to Green Cleaning?

Green cleaning is a statement that your cleaning company cares for your building, its inhabitants, and the environment through the practices and materials they use. Minimizing the negative impact on the environment and reducing human exposure to unhealthy chemicals.

5.      Equipment and Supplies

Be sure to inquire about the tools for the job your cleaning company is utilizing. Where do they source their materials? Is it environmentally friendly? How much are they spending on supplies? Taking note of these materials will help you gauge their dedication and ability to do the job.

6.      Get to Know Your Account Manager

Your account manager is there to make sure your cleaning needs are met. Our foundation is built around our relationships with clients. It should be a relationship that provides peace of mind through communication and dedication. A cleaning company’s relationship with you should show eagerness to exemplify servant leadership in every client interaction.

Searching for a commercial cleaning company that is right for your business is never an easy task. We hope that this article makes it just a little bit easier for you. It is our goal to provide you with an optimal cleaning experience. Our 3R guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is our foundation and we stand by those words to provide you peace of mind knowing you have got a partner to depend upon in the cleaning business.

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