Fall Cleaning with a Vengeance

They say that fall cleaning is the second spring cleaning. We think every season is an opportunity to start fresh with a clean, crisp office space. It’s time for the Mega team to roll up its sleeves and provide you with that shining office space that will keep your spirits up in the months ahead. We service many different seasonal regions of the country from New York to Texas, Atlanta, and Florida and we know how important it is to you that your workspace is looking great!

At the start of the new season, we highly recommend taking some time to assess if your space needs a deep quarterly clean. Contact us to come out for your free cleaning quote for this cleaning season. Here are some areas you should consider examining.


Are those hard to reach vents getting dusty? A thorough dusting should be on your janitor’s list of things to clean. You want to prevent those summer allergens from making a long stay in your office the moment you turn on that heat. An unattended vent can be unsightly and also a hazard. Vent dust can be a fire hazard so regular cleaning is key.


Dirt, mud, grass stains, watermarks, your floors have seen some things this summer. It’s time to show them some love with a steam cleaning, shampooing, and a good vacuuming, consult with your cleaning account representative to schedule one immediately. Freshly cleaned hard surface floors will be a huge morale booster during the gray fall months. Not to mention get you ready for all the holiday office parties.


We interact with electronics daily, from keyboards to mice, and televisions, this is where your dirt, dust, and bacteria can really build. Clean these items regularly, with the seasons change it is a good opportunity wipe them all down and clean them out.


Nobody likes a streak on a beautifully manicured window. They are unattractive and unappealing, even more so as the days become shorter. Make sure you are getting all the daylight you can into your office with freshly cleaned windows and doors.

Be sure that your office is fall-ready with our 3R guarantee you can rest assured that we will have you looking great into the New Year. Mega Cleaning Solutions is a professional commercial cleaning company, committed to providing exemplary services to businesses across the eastern United States. We currently have regional headquarters located in Florida, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, and Texas. We are a sustainability-focused company and use non-toxic, environmentally-friendly products, and specialize in supporting these four main industries: Healthcare FacilitiesAuto DealershipsGeneral Commercial Cleaning, and Construction Cleaning. Our passion and the foundation of the Mega brand promise is driven by our three core values: Relationships, Reliability, and Results – Clean You Can Count On!

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