The Follow Through is Just as Important as the Campaign

Building a social media following for your business is hands down one of the most important things you can do in modern marketing. The Thank You Economy is built on good, honest engagement with your audience. You can push your message to the masses all you want but if you don’t follow through for the long term with retweeting, direct messaging, tagging, following, etc. those thousands of dollars you’ve invested into reaching those people, has gone to waste.

Gary Vee’s perfect example of great marketing with poor follow-through is a popular Old Spice campaign. During the 2010 Super Bowl, Old Spice premiered an amazing commercial that got plenty of people to react to them and engage with them on social media. After that hype had died down Old Spice had dropped the ball. They had this massive list of people to

engage and remarket to but the honest engagement, the responses on Twitter, or Facebook weren’t there. So, they invested all this money into a beautifully hilarious campaign that got hundreds of thousands to visit their social media but had the potential to get millions and they missed that opportunity from their lack of engagement. To their credit though this book was written 6 years ago and Old Spice eventually recognized the error of their ways and now actively engages their audience.

A brand of any size can do what Old Spice has accomplished. Putting the right products in place and the talent to boot will always yield results when the content meets the right marketing strategy. The follow up is the key to extending the life of the back and forth between the company and the customer. Keep the conversation flowing and hold true to the values of the Thank You Economy, great customer service is always the answer.

The guiding principles of our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results gives us the foundation by which we serve our community better. Engaging with our community is what drives us to better serve you, we want to see you flourish because if you’re successful we’re successful.

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