Green, clean and shiny: how we’re leading the charge for a healthier industry

Here at Mega, when we say that we’re a family-based company, we mean that everyone matters: our clients, our community, and our team members. And just like any family, one of the first priorities is the health and wellbeing of its members.

Our clients and our team members work in places where safety practices are paramount: in healthcare facilities, construction sites, daycares, gyms and many other commercial environments.

We use only non-toxic, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and pride ourselves on being good stewards of the environment and our community.

And so when we saw a recent story in Newsweek about new research highlighting the potential dangers of long-term exposure to cleaning products, we took note. Researchers found that after 10 to 20 years of cleaning with toxic chemicals, lung function decline in women was comparable to a 20-cigarette a day smoking habit.

As an industry, we can do better than that.

Because family means loyalty, trust, communication, we feel called to share a few of the ways that we are proudly leading the charge for healthy, green, and sustainable practices in commercial cleaning.

We invite you to take small steps to green-clean your practices at work and at home. 

It’s worth noting that careful investments in these best practices not only ensure the health and wellbeing of people and the environment but also yield lower operating costs, extended lives of company assets (carpets, floors, furnishings, HVAC systems, etc.) and help increase the indoor air quality.

Which of these critical green-clean practices would most improve the health, safety and wellbeing of your workspace?

(1) Discerning selection of cleaning and paper products

The main products we use for cleaning are either Green Seal certified or meet EPA standards.

In addition we provide our clients with paper products that are biodegradable, have high recycled content and contain a minimum of 20% post-consumer material.

In efforts to reduce sound pollution, we also utilize high-efficiency vacuum cleaners that operate at low db sound levels.

For more on safer indoor environments through purchasing decisions, check out Informed Green Solutions.

(2) Ensuring collaboration across team lines.

Sustainable practices are a matter of teamwork throughout the company. We carefully train and supervise our staff, making sure they follow our green cleaning standards.

We also seek out collaborations with vendors who support sustainable practices.

(3) Ongoing communication and investigation into best practices.

The reality is that no one and no company is perfect.

We make mistakes, and over time we learn about better ways of doing business and helping our clients shine. We’re committed to constant and never-ending improvement in our personal and professional impact on the environment.

Exceptional results and enduring relationships are created through humility, so when we see that there’s room for improvement, we look, listen, and get curious!

Feeling inspired to green-clean your space or a business practice at work? Tell us about it below!

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