4 Tips to Green Your Cleaning

green your cleaning

It is our duty to the environment and to the people around you to maintain a clean and eco-friendly work and living space. Green cleaning solutions are not just for the environment, they are for the health of the people around us. That is why we have put together this list of tips on how you can maintain your spaces with people and the planet in mind.

  1. Avoid carpet – Carpets are harbingers for dust and bacteria. Avoid any carpets in a new home or facility if you can, along with staying away from carpet cleaners and stain-resistant treatments that can bring unhealthy chemicals into your office. If you do need or already have carpet in your facility utilize steam cleaners.
  2. Stop buying Air Plugins – Plugin and spray air fresheners create unwanted waste and release chemicals into the air. Lemons can be used for a number of fresh air tactics. Got stinky disposal? Throw a little lemon peel down there and grind it up. Freshen your air with a lemon cut in half, in a bowl of water (cut side up). Lemon is by far one of the most useful fruits out there, learn more here.
  3. LEED/Energy Star Products – Investing in LEED and Energy Star products for a new or remodeled building can save you money and extend your building’s lifespan years. With older buildings, replacing light bulbs, updating appliances with energy efficiency in mind will impact your overhead significantly.
  4. Hard floors cleaned easy – Floor cleaners can be one of the most toxic substances you can use in your cleaning regimen. Using a mixture of 1 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm water you can get that shine in your ceramic, vinyl, wood, and linoleum floors with no need to rinse after.

Green cleaning will save you money, time, and energy, it only takes a little bit of changing routine. We incorporate green cleaning into every one of our client’s projects. They have peace of mind knowing they can rely on us to make sure their facilities are healthy and safe. It is our duty to maintain consistency in how we treat our relationship with you and the environment. That is our guarantee to you, no excuses. Our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is the foundation which we live by to guarantee you get the highest quality service in a cleaning company.

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