How To Deep Clean Equipment
in the Kitchen

We’re here to offer tips on how to effectively deep clean your commercial kitchen, ensuring the well-being of both your diners and staff.

Cleaning Commercial Grills & Griddles

In a commercial kitchen, the grill or griddle stands out as one of the most frequently utilized appliances. Managing the substantial cooking demands to meet consumer expectations inevitably leads to the accumulation of grime on these surfaces. It is advisable to clean commercial grills and griddles at least once daily, particularly when dealing with high cooking volumes. This practice ensures proper re-seasoning, minimizes the risk of cross-contamination, and effectively diminishes stubborn grease stains.

Cleaning Process:

  • Step 1. Heat up the griddle or grill and pour a cup of clean cooking or fryer oil onto the surface. Employ a griddle brick or pumice stone to scrub in concentric circles until the surface is clean. Scrape the cooking oil into the grease trap and switch off the grill.
  • Step 2. While the griddle is still warm, pour one cup of club soda or seltzer water onto the surface. The carbonation present in club soda or seltzer water will help break up any stubborn grease deposits. Again, scrub the grill’s surface with your pumice stone or griddle brick in concentric circles. Next scrape off any of the remaining liquid or residue into the grease trap to be disposed of.
  • Step 3. Apply a half cup of vinegar to the grill surface and spread it evenly across the griddle, taking care to make sure that it doesn’t pool. Rub the grill surface with a rag in concentric circles and then scrape the remainder of the vinegar off of the grill surface into the grease trap for disposal. Vinegar’s acidic nature makes it excellent for lifting stubborn stains and deposits of grease that the club soda may not have removed in the previous step.
  • Step 4. Soak a rag in cooking oil and give the grill surface a good scrubbing. This not only polishes the grill surface, but it also ensures proper decontamination and re-seasoning of the grill. The sides and back of the grill are not impervious to stains, spills and buildup either. They’re often the most ignored surfaces when cleaning.

Kitchen Cleaning Tip:

Ensure thorough cleaning by scrubbing the sides and back of your commercial grill and other appliances using an eco-friendly cleaning product and a rag. For stubborn deposits or stains, make a paste with baking soda and water, apply it to the affected area, and then spray with vinegar. Scrub using a sponge or steel wool, and finally, wipe clean with a fresh towel or rag.

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