How to Keep Your Carpet Looking Fresh

Aside from employees, your facility’s assets such as your carpet, furniture, and hard flooring are the most important thing to consider regarding cost control. Being concerned about your bottom line and efficiency is your priority.

Extending the life of chairs, carpet, tables, and flooring can be a huge cost saver over the lifespan of your business if you follow some simple habits. Carpeting specifically can cost a sizable amount to replace, here are a few tips to keep it looking fresh for the long run:

Frequent Vacuuming

A.B.V., Always Be Vacuuming, especially in high traffic areas. A nightly vacuuming is sometimes not enough for high traffic businesses. Bits of grit, dirt, and grime that are brought into your business will grind your carpet’s fabric and will wear it out fast without regular vacuuming. If you do not have a commercial cleaning company, vacuuming 3 or more times a week is good for heavily used areas and spot vacuuming when needed. For less tread on areas, once or twice a week is recommended.

Doormats and Floormats

During seasons where the weather is a big factor, consider placing doormats at the front of your high traffic areas. Encourage all patrons and employees to wipe their feet before they track in dirt and mud.

Regular Deep Cleaning

Vacuuming is always good, but a good deep clean is crucial. Your professional cleaning service will be able to root out deep dirt with regular cleanings. Setting up a regular schedule to have your carpet deep cleaned quarterly will go a long way to extend its life.

Carpet Spray Protectant

When your professional cleaning service comes be sure to opt-in for a protective spray which will shield your carpet. This can be overlooked but should be a priority consideration, over time the protective layer of stain-resistant carpets will break down, leaving your carpet less protected than it should be.


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