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In times of disaster and dire need, our relationships are what keep us together. We look to those around us for support and stability. With the landfall of Irma in our home state of Florida, we are here to stand by those that we care about. Mega’s foundation is based on our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results. If you haven’t read the Mega blog or seen our social media posts you may not be familiar. Let us help you understand who we are a little better through understanding why we stand behind our 3R Guarantee:

Relationships – Our relationships endure the hardships of catastrophic weather, economic hard times, and ecological disasters. Our eagerness to exemplify our dedication to our friends, family and clients is what stands us apart. We go above and beyond to maintain the high-quality service you expect and the partner you believe in to maintain your facility.

Reliability – We stand behind you in strong winds and in the burning sun. We guarantee integrity, security, and dependability when you need it the most. We are there to turn the lights out at night and lock the doors on our way out so you have the confidence and peace of mind you look for in a professional cleaning service.

Results – Our team is highly skilled and will go above and beyond to give you the results you need so you can come to a healthy, clean workplace, worry-free. When the times are tough and you need us most we will have your back at the end of the day and see you through. Your success is our success.

When your city and state are staring down the barrel of 190 mph winds and torrential flooding, we will be there to help you prepare for the worst and pick up the mess, after all, is said and done. It is our guarantee to you to help you weather the storm, through thick and thin, Mega’s 3R Guarantee provides the cultural foundation that will see us through the dark, rainy nights and be there for you at the end of a tough day. We strive to go above and beyond, with no excuses, just results.

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