Nothing Worse Than This Stain

Coffee stains are the scourge of the average office carpet. Not only is it awful when you spill that beautiful morning cup o’ joe, but you also have to deal with a potential coffee debacle. It seeps into your office and leaves a mark for the long term and takes more than a brillo pad with hot water to get out. Don’t let any stain get you down, we have your back.

Nobody likes a coffee stain, through a little cleaning magic AKA science, we can get rid of them with ease. We are professional stain destroyers and we will be there to make sure your carpet lives on well into maturity. But for now, let’s learn how your pick-me-up turned into a carpet scrub down.

To defeat the liquid, you must become the liquid. Not all liquids are made equal, they all dry in different ways. They all leave their mark, but coffee is made up of hundreds of thousands of particles, this composition causes it to seep into carpets in a different manner.

When coffee dries its drops begin to evaporate quicker on the drop’s thinner edges. When coffee breaks down the drops start to shift mass from the center to the sides where the coffee has started to evaporate. During this process, the coffee carries micro-drops that have already dried. After all the water evaporates, the solids that were carried to the edges are most prominent when the spill dries. That is why a coffee spill always leaves a ring.

The dense particles at the edges of coffee stains make them very difficult to clean. Mega has your back, saves time and energy, and rely on the cleaning company that you can count on. #CleanYouCanCountOn

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