Community Recovery Efforts

Returning your community to normality after a disaster is a character and community building experience. After Hurricanes Irma and Harvey, the Southern citizens of the United States will tentatively eye the rest of the hurricane season. While some look to rebuilding their lives, helping their neighbors, figuring out what to do with their leftover hurricane water and unused generator, we all must keep an eye on the future to be prepared. Pushing for recovery is important but being mindful that the season is not over is even more important.

Mental Recovery

Everyone learned something during this hurricane season, as areas that have not been affected by massive storms like Irma for years took damage. We must reach down within ourselves and keep driving to build our communities and care for those around us. Recovery doesn’t just mean clearing debris or rebuilding, it means helping your neighbors and friends find peace of mind in their relationship with your community. Whether you evacuated or hunkered down, we’ve all been through trauma this past week. We think it’s time for a little self-care and community care.

Community Support

Your local support system is important, if you are a transplant in your community you may be without close family, so it is crucial to look at your local events and forums to build relationships. Utilizing digital media is a great way to find the people who are looking to help strengthen your community. The internet has some great resources in place to help you connect with your community.

Being proactive about preparation is important especially when we could always be facing more hardships and weathering more storms. Being realistic and preparing for those eventualities is critical. Build on the relationships you’ve embraced during these last few weeks and help those around you. A strong community is the result of hard work and trust between people. Our motto is ‘We Care More,’ and we think you should too, the more you care the more your neighbor will and that will bring us all success. Mega will always be here for you, but we are here for you especially when you need us most and that makes all the difference.

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