Success is a Clean Bathroom

Maintaining or establishing a good reputation is critical to success where cleanliness is 100% key. Basic bathroom cleanliness is vital to any business.

Everyone has a dirty bathroom horror story. Whether it’s a rundown office in a strip mall, a seedy auto dealer on the bad side of town, you’ve stepped into the worst of the worst somewhere along the road.

We wouldn’t have horror stories of bathroom cleanliness if it isn’t often overlooked. Whether it’s a retail office, auto-dealerships, and especially hospitals, maintaining bathroom cleanliness has been the source of lost customers throughout time. We are your partners in cleanliness and we are here to serve your best interest.

First Impression

The average human uses the bathroom between 4 – 10 times a day. Any customer, client, or employee spending time in your space is likely going to ask for the bathroom pass. You want to make sure that new customer is going to leave your business with the best impression so you know they’re coming back.

Take a Journey

Imagine with us if you will; you step into an auto-dealership, the lighting is pristine, the cars are shining, the salesmen are dressed to impress. After that first test drive, you have the sudden heart-pounding, adrenaline racing, nature calling feeling so you desperately search for the facilities. You enter the restroom, a seemingly average restroom, at first, but then you inhale a wonderful aroma and you take a closer look, the sink, the stalls, the accessories, everything is pristine and orderly. You walk out of their confidence in the company you have chosen to do business with, ready to drive out of there with the right car for you. You could be spending $1500 or $150000, a clean bathroom leaves you with the impression that you are with a company that cares.

Peace of Mind

Your peace of mind, your client’s peace of mind starts with cleanliness. We focus on the bathroom success stories – providing you with a healthy, safe, and pleasant smelling environment you can be proud of.

Do not let any surface go uncleaned. We’ve got your back, our 3R Guarantee of Relationships, Reliability, and Results is the foundation upon which we stand to be your shining example of servant leadership. We maintain transparency and open communication, so you know who you’re doing business with.Mega is #CleanYouCanCountOn.

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