Summer Maintenance and Safety Tips for Property Managers

Hot Safety Tips for the Hot Summer

Summer is here and with it record-setting temperatures and rainfall. You should always keep up maintenance on your home. Preparing for the seasons to change is especially important because you will be facing new challenges, summer brings special challenges to every corner of the country. Be sure to fully prepare for the coming chores around your properties. Summer has a special relationship with the outdoors. Readying outdoor spaces for heavy use will ensure your areas stay clean and safe. Be sure picnic areas, pools, BBQ pits, and other outdoor social areas are kept especially in mind during summer. Below are a few handy tips for things to keep in mind during the summer: Pool Safety – Summer heat means you’ve got pool, hungry residents, spending more time around the water feature. Outside of normal pool maintenance be sure to double-check and that all pool signs are visible and haven’t faded from the winter. Be sure to check that all gates and locks are in good condition. Check all equipment, cement, and patios for damage that needs to be repaired BBQ Time – Keeping outdoor spaces in working order means keeping all BBQ areas on your property kept up in optimal condition. Make sure to check all fire pits, BBQs, and picnic areas cleaned and checked for debris, damage, and hazardous conditions. Maintaining BBQs will prevent any risk of fire spreading. Maintenance Checkup – Every season has a different list of routine maintenance to protect your property. Along with safety checks and routine maintenance, be sure to go over your to-do list for any A/C, irrigation, roof, fire safety checks that need to be done. A/C Service – Being sure to have you’re A/C units checked once a year. A professional must check the unit, adjust dampers, clean coils, and identify any other potential issues. Remove any debris or trash that may disrupt the unit’s effectiveness. Resident Reminders – Residents spending more time outdoors around the complex means more noise and amenity use. Reminding them about quiet hours and policies on cleanliness and guest and parking regulations will clarify any issues you may have during the hot summer months. Keeping up with maintenance is crucial for both your renters’ safety, happiness, and keeping your margins high. Staying on top of any maintenance and chores will keep your residents’ morale high and ready to renew their lease. Read More From Us

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