What Is The Difference Between Janitorial And Commerical Cleaning?

Janitorial and commercial cleaning could be two services that you will depend on as a business owner to ensure that your property remains in the best condition. The two services may sound the same but they are quite different in terms of the roles that they will fill in your business. While commercial cleaning provides a deep clean, janitorial cleaning will cover day-to-day cleaning activities. 

Do you need to clean your business property daily or should you provide your property with deep clean several times throughout the year? The answer is always going to be both. That’s why you should invest in two types of cleaning services. You need a janitorial solution as well as a commercial cleaning service. 

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What Is The Main Difference Between The Two?

If you hire a janitorial service, then you’ll be using a cleaning solution to complete some of the typical everyday cleaning tasks in your business. Typically, this is going to be completed once a day if you have a larger company. 

In contrast, commercial cleaning is used for greater tasks. As such, they will usually be arranged by businesses bi-annually or about once a year. It tackles the deeper dirt that might be present around your business property. 

What Is Typically Included In Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services will tackle more advanced and difficult cleaning tasks in your business. As such, this will usually be a highly personalized solution, designed to match and meet the unique requirements of your company. For instance, you might find that commercial office cleaning includes:

  • Cleaning the windows
  • Power washing solutions
  • Deep carpet cleaning 

Commercial cleaning services can also be used at key points in your business life. For instance, you can utilize commercial cleaning services for post-construction. This will often be required after there has been extensive renovation work on a property that does need to be handled the right way. 

What Is Typically Included In Janitorial Cleaning Services?

As mentioned, janitorial teams will provide everyday cleaning solutions in your business. Their purpose is to ensure that your workplace is both well-maintained and kept clean to the right standards. This means that it will be suitable for both team members as well as your customers. 

Janitors may not clean your business daily. It could be bi-weekly and this will largely depend on your business requirements including levels of foot traffic. The typical services will include

  • Carpet vacuuming
  • Emptying the trash
  • Office dusting 
  • Restroom cleaning

Do note that even jobs which seem similar to a commercial clean are different. Carpet vacuuming will get rid of surface dust and debris. A commercial cleaning service will ensure that dust and dirt are removed from underneath the fabric of the carpet which could ultimately cause health issues. 

We hope this helps you understand the key differences between janitorial and commercial cleaning services. If you are running a major company with high amounts of foot traffic, you’ll see substantial benefits from both options.

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