How We Shine


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Through years of research and field experience, meticulously testing all processes, protocols and cleaning products, Mega Service Solutions has developed the most effective and efficient programs and commercial cleaning regimens in the industry. This expertise is why you can count on us to provide you with all the cleaning services necessary to support your business, keeping it sparkly, safe and enjoyable for everyone! Whether it’s cleaning grime off windows, gum out of the carpet, dusting a clogged air vent you can’t reach, or polishing a sticky puddle of melted ice cream off a marble floor, Mega Service Solutions uses the latest technology to handle any service with ease. You will also appreciate that we are committed to the environment and your good health, by using only the highest-rated, safest and most effective green-cleaning products on the market!

Carpet Cleaning

We love a carpet cleaning challenge – GAME ON! There are a variety of carpet cleaning methods, that will keep colors bright, extend the life of your carpet, and make rooms odor-free. We’re experienced with them all!  From encapsulation, which dries them quickly (for those of you in a hurry) to full-on, hot water or steam extraction (which provides a deeper, more thorough clean). Mega Service Solutions understands how important it is to work together with you and determine which treatment is best for your needs. If you have a question about your carpets, give us a call today and we’ll gladly consult with you free of charge!

Hard Floors

We make all varieties of floor surfaces shine their brightest, while also ensuring they are slip-resistant and as safe as they are clean! Our specialties include marble, vinyl, ceramic, quarry tile, and wood.

If you think you have a unique floor surface that can’t be cleaned… just ask, and we’ll provide the best solution!


Mega Service Solutions has our very own Squeegee Squad, and we love to brag about them! They make sure everything sparkles, from your entry doors and glass partitions to sky domes and skylights… these items are their specialties!

Power Washing

Got annoying stains or dirty grime you need removing from external areas due to environmental exposure? Power washing is the solution! We utilize heated, high-pressure water and steam—both truck-mounted and portable units—to blast away even the most stubborn stains from entryways, sidewalks, dumpster areas, loading docks, awnings, and walls.

Vents & Dusting

Anyone with allergies loves hearing “Mega Service Solutions is on our way to save the dusty day!”  Our expert dust and mold technologists shudder when someone simply knocks the dust off a vent and says, “CLEANED!” (That’s not cleaned!) Masterminds of dust removal, we annihilate troublesome dust and debris that’s puffed through your ventilation system every day from ceiling pipes and rafters, shedding normal wear and tear—completely removing all pesky dust villains by using proper lifts and vacuuming tools… and our ancient cleaning secrets.


Did someone sitting in your waiting area spill their coffee on your couch? Or perhaps you just want to ensure that your office furniture lasts for several more years without showing their age. We use all the most effective, environmentally safe products to clean and preserve your chairs and couches, or anything with cloth or leather finishes!


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