COVID Cleaning Services: What Are Your Business’ Responsibilities?

Are you concerned about cleaning standards in the wake of the recent pandemic? Are you wondering about the responsibilities of your business when it comes to COVID cleaning services?

Believe it or not, all janitorial services aren’t the same. You’ll want to make sure you’ve hired a cleaning company with thorough knowledge of the COVID cleaning process.

Here’s what you should be thinking about.

High-Touch Surfaces

Your staff should be well-versed in cleaning high-touch surfaces where germs are likely to spread. While this should get done each day, employees can do their part by wiping these down after use as well. 

High-touch surfaces include countertops, shopping carts, and light switches. If you are handing out pens for customer use, make sure you separate those that have been used and unused. Clean the latter before distributing again.

Handles, stair rails, and elevator buttons are also frequently touched by others. It’s important to use cleaning products with disinfectants that have been listed on the EPA list.

Before disinfecting using a recommended product, it’s critical to use proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE.) This includes gloves or goggles. You may also need to open windows for ventilation. Check the bottle for more specific information on use.

Similarly, electronics such as tablets, keyboards, and ATM machines should be wiped down frequently. If you’re working in an office environment, try to clean the keyboard surface before a new person uses the device. 

Outdoor surfaces such as play areas should also get cleaned frequently. If you have play structures or railings on your property, make sure they are regularly cleaned with the proper solution as they are often getting touched.

Areas such as bathrooms are more likely to spread COVID quickly. They should be cleaned more than once a day, especially on high-touch areas such as faucets and toilets.

It’s important to have a commercial cleaning company on staff that knows about COVID protocols and can back you up by cleaning surfaces often. This is true even if your staff is doing their part and helping with cleaning.

Vacuuming And Laundry

It’s important to vacuum regularly and use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter if needed. These can remove over 99% of dust, pollen, and bacteria. If you know that someone in your area has been sick with COVID-19, vacuuming thoroughly is even more important.

Similarly, shampooing rugs with the right type of detergent or soap is important. Again, this is a job that may be left to the experts who have the right equipment. 

You should also be sure to launder items such as drapes, towels, and linens. If you’re running a hotel establishment or similar, this is extremely important. 

You should wear gloves and a mask when handling other individuals’ laundry and wash your hands just after handling it. Use warm water whenever possible to try and eliminate bacteria.

It’s also important to keep your spaces as ventilated as possible. This can help reduce the number of virus particles in the air. 

Other Protocols

It’s important for all employees to wear masks at work, even those who are fully vaccinated. They should also get reminded to wash their hands as frequently as possible.

If possible, try to place “sanitation stations” around your workspace. These can allow individuals to use hand sanitizer whenever they can to help prevent the spread of germs.

Hiring The Right COVID Cleaning Services

These days, the spreading of germs is a more serious concern than it was in the past. It’s important, therefore, to hire a company that will thoroughly meet your COVID cleaning needs.

Reach out to other local businesses and find out who they would recommend. Is the company reliable and professional? Have there been any issues with cleanliness since they began working there?

Once you’ve gotten some names, take a look at the website of various cleaning services and see what they specialize in. Some, for example, may offer office or health office cleaning services. Some may specialize in industries like banking or industrial industry.

Some cleaning outfits may offer special services such as pressure washing or upholstery cleaning. These are things to keep in mind for the long run.

You can also read online reviews and get an idea of what former clients are saying. Do you see many talking about the prompt, friendly service? Or do you see a lot of comments that are negative or critical?

After you’ve narrowed down your search, call up companies and ask your own questions. Does the business have experience with COVID cleaning? What are their protocols?

It’s important to choose a local cleaner, as your company will probably be doing work at your business frequently. You can also compare the prices of local businesses to make sure you’re getting a good rate.

The cost of commercial cleaning services will get influenced by a number of factors. These include the size of your office, the type of cleaning required, and your location. 

While it’s important to shop around, the least expensive cleaning service won’t necessarily be the best one for your business. You’ll want to take quality into account. The right cleaning service will be giving you peace of mind about office safety for years to come.

Squeaky Clean

The recent pandemic has given us all cause to be concerned about the cleanliness of our places of business. It’s important to thoroughly comply with regulations when getting your place ready for clients or customers. The right COVID cleaning services can handle all of these tasks for you.

Don’t stop getting smart about your business’ reputation now. For excellent cleaning services in many Floriday neighborhoods, contact us today.

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