Why you should hire construction cleaning experts

Your construction project is almost complete, and now you need help cleaning and polishing the site up to ready it for inspection, occupancy, and a celebration. We’d love to be the team you choose to help you! We perform all final cleaning services and removal of leftover construction materials for commercial and residential properties to prepare them for inspections and living. Our common services can include anything from window cleaning, dust removal, metal polishing, pressure washing, and steam cleaning carpet, to removing building materials such as pipes, electrical wiring, wood, and metal. We also provide VCT stripping and waxing.

The Advantages of Post Construction Cleanup

Construction cleanup is not always a part of the construction crew’s typical list of services. If they do it, they do it well enough to justify being complete. We pride ourselves on getting the job done to exceed your exact specifications. Some of the features of employing a professional cleaning company for post-construction are:

  • You won’t find a construction company performing post-cleanup that is not a cost-effective venture. Hiring a stand-alone cleaning crew would cost much less than having your construction crew there another day. A commercial cleaning crew of 4 will cost you approximately $600 for a full day of work, a construction crew of 4 spending an extra day on the site will cost you approx. $900. Generally, the construction crew would rather be moving onto another construction project, as opposed doing the cleanup.
  • The tools required to get the job done properly are very important. Hiring for post construction cleanup ensures that your building is cleaned with the proper equipment. A professional cleaning service maintains training and protocol awareness as well as having the appropriate tools for disposing of waste so no regulations are being violated.
  • We care more! Our guarantee to you is that we will do a better and more thorough job than our competitors and any construction crew. Construction crews are great at what they do, but cleaning is not their expertise. You wouldn’t entrust a cleaning company to build your home. We care about the finished product and want to see you thrive. You can entrust us to make sure your property is ready to get dirty and for us to come back and clean it again.

You can always count on our 3R Guarantee: We will be loyal, responsive cleaning partners – eager to serve you because we value our customer relationships; We will always be reliable, dependable, and operate with integrity and respect; We will always provide exceptional results. #CleanYouCanCountOn

We pride ourselves on being flexible and able to respond to your specific needs:

  • Have a high-security job-site? Our team will wear uniforms, ID tags, and will have passed a thorough background check.
  • Think your job is too big or small? We provide expert, reliable service for all scales and sizes of need.
  • Worried about your timeline? We are agile and can respond to last-minute quote requests.

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